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  1. Gunslinger viable?

    Thx all, I checked and I get around 100-120 FPS and am at 112-132 ping. Is that normal?
  2. Gunslinger viable?

    Good to know - I can watch for threat stealing for sure. I am not sure how to see my ping, but I do get about 100-120 FPS, which I hear is good as far as in game performance goes. What's the most reliable way to see ping please?
  3. Gunslinger viable?

    Thanks - the GS just seems to flow, which I love. I feel I can reach a good skill cap with the GS, but for others, I might need more time or patience. Right now, this was love at first draw...
  4. Gunslinger viable?

    awesome - thanks for the feedback to this and other threads, greatly appreciated.
  5. Gunslinger viable?

    Hello - new to BnS and asked this question in Discord yesterday and received a positive answer, so wanted to get a broader opinion. I have been testing classes in game, having just bought into Premium Service. I enjoyed Summoner and a few other classes, but Gunslinger has really captured my attention and has the fun factor, flow, and mechanics I enjoy. I have tried to actively avoid playing the Gun class because I have heard that they are unwanted, over-played and get ignored for groups/raids. Can you share your thoughts on whether it is worth spending time/resources on the Gunslinger class or will I end up at max level with nothing to do because I cannot get a group etc? Thanks.
  6. Looking for an honest review/opinion

    Well, I bought into the game with the premium service so far, and am leveling up through the story. I am committing to play through to 55 and beyond to find out the absolute reality once I get there. I greatly appreciate all the input and advice. I also agree that there really are no other quality MMO's out right now, and even where there are, I prefer action combat based ones. Anyways, here we go into BnS :)
  7. Looking for an honest review/opinion

    I greatly appreciate everyone's rep[lies. It is interesting to see the spectrum of replies, from positive to more or less "no point playing." Some replies definitely do not paint a pretty picture of the game. There must be a way to get new players involved in the game up to and including the most current content. I struggle with the idea that a seasoned developer like NCSoft would make a game that intentionally prohibits new players from reaching current content in a reasonable amount of time, given their skill and effort to get there. Seems like it would ultimately hurt their potential revenue from the game service. I also want to say, the loading screen art I have seen is amazing - totally awesome. I'm also interested in the new content coming on June 20th, including the new solo dungeon experience - do we know if it will bring upgrade options not in the game today?
  8. Looking for an honest review/opinion

    Greatly appreciate the replies. Helps a lot in making a decision. Despite the negativity, I am inclined to want to play the game at a significant time/resource investment level. I will give it a try today and see where I end up. Big debate is if I do want to get into it, should I just pay to skip the story to 50? Any value in playing through the story to 50? Thanks again.
  9. Looking for an honest review/opinion

    Thx. I like raiding, and I like grinding (if it produces progress one way or another). What I cannot do is commit to specific blocks of time on specific days. I can play for 6-8 hours a time certain days, I can play most days at least 2-3 hours, but I cannot commit to raid schedules - for example, I cannot agree to every Tuesday at 8pm ET as a requirement to progress. If I can do pickup groups for raids or join a clan that can accommodate that, then all good. Also trying to work out if the game is really as terrible as people make out on the forums, if it is an old dead game not worth bothering with etc? I am absolutely on the fence about investing in it, but I think I would enjoy it, I love action combat and gear progression. Just tired of being burned by games.
  10. This game seems to continue to be popular, pretty active playerbase, and gets good reviews, so why are so many Reddit or Forum posts all hate for the game? Why are players even hanging out in the forums if they hate the game so much? Here is what I have learned in trying to decide if I want to invest $$ and time into this game: 1. Game is really fun and well made 2. Cannot get into end game as a new player without being a whale or paying for carriers (whale) 3. Not new player friendly 4. Can't progress 5. Toxic community 6. Don't bother playing as a new player 7. Takes forever to progress etc Can anyone give me an honest review/opinion etc? Is this game simply a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ show cash grab, or can I get into the game, have fun and progress to end game? Most importantly - I can play a lot, but I cannot commit to set raid times - do I need to be able to commit to exact raid times each day/week, or is having plenty of hours to play enough? Appreciate any honest replies based in reality, not based in random MMO hate that seems to be the thing these days.
  11. Forced questing

    Thanks all. What happens when you get through the quest line once? Is there reason to grind monsters?
  12. Forced questing

    Hi - can you level in B&S without questing at any time, or do you have to follow the story? I intently dislike story and questing.