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  1. chapter 6 Dying Breaths

    Are you on the beginning of Chapter 7 now? I think at this part you will need to zoom out from the map a bit, there is a Western Heights port at the bottom of the map that is called Western Court. You can go there to continue your quest.
  2. No problem, glad to help!
  3. chapter 6 Dying Breaths

    Have you done the Temple of Succession quest yet? When you press the J button in game and go to the Quest Letters tab, look for Side Story - an orange arrow should be there with a quest titled Temple of Succession. Hope that helps!
  4. You can send a support ticket and let them know what the issue is. I know someone who had that happen too when they used the Lvl 60 Voucher (in their case, it was non-destroyable outfits) and the support team helped delete those items. Hope that helps, good luck!
  5. This is basically what we were discussing, to some degree. Astarae's view is that people who use an orb in Heaven's Mandate or Cold Storage 2nd Boss Kaari should not be guaranteed loot, and so bidding should be allowed.
  6. You said this discussion is a waste of time – if you really feel that way, then why do you bother continuing to post here? You don't have to waste your time. I already told you, we clearly have different views and you can do what you want with this game. I am only responding to clear up some details/questions you appeared to have. I wasn't going to say the players didn't know how to change loot rules, and I'm not sure why you'd think I would even need to bring that up. I would think that they had just hoped to be able to trust other players, that's all. The orb-user was actually not the leader, we were originally just doing the CS daily and someone said they had an orb for Kaari, explained loot rules, and off we went. My explanation was to correct you, because you seemed to generalize much of the players into two categories of either being the con artist or the one being conned. However, I know there are other people like me who fall under neither category and simply just don't mind giving up the loot even without anyone demanding it. I never said that you said 'always,' I was only stating from my own experience that it's not always the low level players. However, you did only keep bringing up low level players in a bad light as if they were the only ones creating MOML parties and wanting all the loot. Not once did you mention well-geared players doing that. But it still does happen that no members in a party have an orb, so everyone needs to queue again, and it has happened enough times for me to appreciate when someone does bring an orb. I thought we were specifically talking about players in parties, because you were the one comparing parties in DND to B&S, saying the DND players there healed or resurrected others, but didn't ask for all the loot. You also said you had to keep using group resurrection charms, but didn't demand loot for reviving the party. Let's not change the subject and deviate into something unrelated on soloing dungeons or premium membership. Since you wanted to compare how DND players in parties dealt with loot rules and didn't receive special treatment for their class skills/charm use in helping the party, I wanted to point out that with the setup of B&S, class skills/charm use is not sufficient to compare to an orb because an orb is not as quick, easy, or cheap to replenish as focus/charms. I was just saying it didn't seem practical to invest if the game really was shutting down soon. It's fine if you want to reach max-gear, and having good memories is cool, you can do what you want. At this point though, you're also going to have quite a bit of memories on drama over MOML if you are often arguing your opinion to players in-game as well. But if you really feel it's worth it, then ok. Honestly, the ones who take a game and pixel items too seriously are the real ones who will have nothing at the end.
  7. @Astarae: It is unfortunate what you have experienced, and I am sure almost everyone has had bad experiences with toxic people in B&S. The forums are filled with stories and examples of it. I have my own experiences too, so I can relate. This game could have a better community, but each individual and the game itself (plus the way it is managed), needs to change to promote a more helpful, supportive environment. All I can say is, improvements can be made. For what I am addressing, it is only about the regular MOML on HM Jinsoyun/CS 2nd boss Kaari. I believe I first learned what the term was when the orb-user announced it right before using one so that everyone would know, preventing any confusion later. I don't remember having a bad experience while new to those dungeons, and I am grateful for that. The members in your first party there should have been more kind and explained things better, they were at fault for their bad behavior. However, you are making a big assumption by generalizing most players under the label of being 'conned.' Furthermore, it is a false assumption to say, 'because those players are being conned, they don't want to admit it, so they convince others that MOML is a rule.' I have never been conned out of loot, I willingly share/give it up. Rarely do I ever bid anyway, I usually let everyone else in the party take what they like first. If they really want it because they feel that they need it, and it helps them, great. I am not in a rush to be the very best, and I don't want to waste time/effort in a bidding war. Especially for quick dungeons like HM/CS, I just want to hop in and hop out, then move on to something else. Also, I have seen a number of MOML leaders being one of the better geared members in parties too, so I don't think it's always the low level players that want all the loot. You keep bringing up the low level players in a bad light, at least acknowledge that there are well-geared players who are doing the same thing. In fact, those low level players could even be whales on their alts doing their dailies. If you want to place blame for the MOML rule, there is no way that it should only go to one particular group of players, it isn't fair at all to see things from only one side. Your view that the orb-user (in HM and CS 2nd boss Kaari) should not be guaranteed loot is understandable, but it still doesn't change the fact that the quest (for HM) or dynamic quests can't be completed without an orb, and I've been in parties that disbanded because no one had an orb. Everyone would have to go back to F8 to join a party that did. Otherwise, they can't finish their dailies, get event currency, etc. Orbs are not a common item, not everyone has one on hand every day for every character they own. If they were not as rare, I'm sure there never would have been a MOML rule, which I think would have been nice. I prefer that those dungeons not require orbs, but NCSoft has still not changed the requirements. So when someone in my party offers up their orb, I am grateful that I don't need to jump back to F8 to queue again/choose a longer, more tedious quest to finish my daily. It saves me time, at least that is how I see it. I'm not sure how others reason why they agree to MOML, but I don't believe they think that they are getting conned. If they think anything like me, then they realize that orbs are not easy to come by and they appreciate the person who is willing to give up their orb for the party. Comparing an orb to class skills (resurrection/buff/heal) or charms (resurrection/buff) is unequal. Focus for skills and charms can be acquired/replenished more quickly and easily, even cheaply or for free. It is not the same for orbs. For example, you can't just hit the bosses and immediately get 2 more orbs out of them the same way you can get 2 spheres of focus back to use for a warlock's Restoration Field heal skill. An assassin's Fighting Spirit buff and a summoner's Helping Paw resurrection skill doesn't even cost any focus. You can also get Heroic Friendship Charms and Instant Mass Revival Charms for free from the Daily Challenge Reward Chest - I'm not often in parties where members are constantly dying, so I rarely have to use them and I currently have a good stock of charms. On the contrary, for a full orb, you would need to do daily challenges 6 times to have enough shards, or pay a good amount of gold to buy them all. That is not as fast, easy, or cheap to acquire as focus/charms, which makes it an insufficient comparison. Even with the daily dash now including orbs, you will need RNG luck, which is never dependable. So for myself, if someone has an orb and uses it for the party, I find it kind of them to share, and to be kind back, I will not bid against them on the loot if they want it. Again, I don't really care for the loot, it doesn't seem worth much to me, and I would rather not waste time on a bidding war. However, no one can force you to change your mind if you really want to hold your stance on MOML, I am just sharing my point of view. Lastly, if what you say is true, in that 'the game will be shutting down in a year or two,' then all the more reason there shouldn't be a rush. Why should people keep putting large amounts of time and money into a game that is shutting down? It doesn't make sense to invest so much into something that is temporary and intangible. There wouldn't be anything to show for it once it's all over. Even if someone were able to reach max-gear the day right before B&S closed, then what? And would they really be satisfied in their life over that achievement? Perhaps they could be satisfied, but it would still not last long. At least for me, I'd rather place my investments in something more permanent. Again, it is clear we have differing views, so you can think and do what you want with B&S, I am just sharing my own thoughts.
  8. @Astarae: Well, like I said, if you're one of those orb-users that lets people bid on loot, that is kind of you, bless you. For myself, I would just never bid against an orb-user if they want an item. Yes, in CS, you complete the main quest and the 1st dynamic quest by defeating Mane without an orb. But there is a 2nd dynamic quest for Kaari, so to complete the 2nd dynamic quest for more rewards like frozen feathers (or event currency like during the last event), you need an orb to spawn Kaari. Oh, I didn't realize we were talking about demanding loot from both bosses in CS. In your recent posts, it sounded like you had issue with the idea of the regular MOML for HM and CS Kaari boss, so that was the only topic I was addressing. PewPewPew was originally talking about their experience in HM, so in that post I was actually referring to HM (but it can go for CS Kaari too) requiring an orb to spawn the boss and complete the quest/dynamic quest. Which is why it looks wrong to me for people to bid after HM or CS Kaari boss, since the orb also helped them get their dynamic quests completed and already gave them free frozen feathers so they shouldn't have to bid on them in the loot drop. What I meant was, based on the gear that I saw in parties, a majority of the players did not look like whales. If those players did actually have a whale character, but just happened to be using a weaker alt character at the time they were in my party, it still proves that it isn't necessary to spend a lot of money to clear those bosses. Most of the party members were not highly geared, yet we were still able to defeat the bosses fine. Yes, players can also invest time into playing this game instead of spending actual money. I only brought up whales because you mentioned well-geared characters costing thousands, comparing them to the cost of an orb. Although a free-to-play player who is well-geared by free methods (through farming or selling gold for HM coin, etc.) will probably not feel the need to compare themselves to an orb. They understand the game is just a game and there is no rush to be the best/get the best items quickly, which is why they don't mind taking their time rather than progress faster by paying with their credit card. In either case, well-geared p2p and f2p characters are not common, yet parties are still capable of clearing dungeons.
  9. In parties I've been in, if anyone does bid against an orb-user, it's usually only one person, and they always want *all* the 'good' loot (multiple frozen feathers and gem ticket too). Everyone else in the party has enough gratitude and respect for the orb-user to not bid. You keep bringing up needing high DPS to clear the bosses, but at the same time, based on your argument, you're saying a carried bidder (even if they were the lowest DPS) deserves the loot more than the orb-user? Because the quest *still* can't be completed without spawning the boss, which means you can't even clear the boss if you don't have an orb. If the orb-user doesn't care for the loot and lets other party members have it, bless them. But if they want the loot, it seems wrong to fight them for it. Honestly, I have never seen a "Your Orb, My Loot" party in F8, and I doubt it would go as well. If that actually worked and was popular, I'm sure I would have seen it ages ago and it would be the norm today. Most people are not whales in B&S, and the majority of players showing up in HM/CS parties are not those '5 -10 thousand dollar' characters that are 'helping with DPS.' Whales would typically just solo those dungeons anyway because they can, and to avoid toxic random players who might want to bum off their orb and fight them for loot. I find it hard to believe that most players running around have spent 5-10 thousand dollars, because it certainly doesn't look that way in the parties I've seen. Yet they can *still* clear HM/CS bosses just fine. So no, you don't have to spend thousands just to clear those dungeons. Ok, this last part just seems contradictory - first in an earlier post, you said orb-users should pay for escorts to accompany them by using their orb. Now you say they can't buy a party with an orb. Seems confusing, which is it?
  10. Drizzeh has already explained to you before in the other thread titled "Cold storage, my orb my loot..." that you already receive feathers for free from completing the dynamic quests. I also mentioned it in that thread too. Unless you are somehow in a rush, there is not really any need to bid on the loot because you get 2 feathers after defeating Mane and 2 feathers after defeating Kaari (also 2 after defeating Jinsoyun in HM). They are free, you just need to pick up the dynamic reward on the side after completing the quests. I'm not sure why you still don't understand, it should automatically show up on your list of quests when you enter the dungeon and have a green star once you complete it. The CS merchant Mallang does not sell feathers. As for the Ascension and Radiance stones, they have been sold by the CS merchant since the last event. They are in chests and should show up at the very top of the list, right above the Stellar/Earthen/Life Keys.
  11. See, this is what I was talking about. Sometimes the bidders are the ones being carried, not the orb-user. Why should one bidder get all the loot? It's not like they were the only person carrying the whole team, they don't deserve it more than the other members. It was a group effort, *everyone* had to contribute DPS, not just the bidder. However, you can't evenly split a frozen feather or gem ticket 6 ways for each party member, therefore it makes sense to just give the orb-user the loot. Otherwise, the bidder and everyone else wouldn't have even been able to complete the quest because you can't spawn the boss without an orb. At least a MOML leader contributes an orb to help the party, which is also not an easy thing to get nowadays. People shouldn't act like only a MOML leader needs help in DPS - if a bidder didn't need help in DPS, they most likely wouldn't be in a party since they could solo the dungeon themselves. It doesn't sound fair that a bidder wants all the loot, but gets carried in a full party and didn't use their own orb. Anyone that says a MOML leader should go solo HM/CS to 'earn' all the loot themselves should remember that the same can be said about the bidder. That bidder who wants all the loot can also go solo it so they would actually 'earn it themselves' too, and use their *own* orb instead of bumming off someone else's orb, and with their *own* DPS rather than needing a full party helping them.
  12. I don't think MOML is dying, I still see players advertising them, and I have still been getting into those groups. But whatever people's opinion on MOML is, is fine, that's their opinion. However, I find issue with people that willingly join a group with specified terms (no matter what it is, including MOML) and then go against what the leader said anyway, which I find is unjust nor courteous, and does not help the party. If you want to talk about courtesy, how is it polite and respectful to join a party under specified terms, then deceive everyone by violating those terms? Those kind of people should make their own LFP party if they didn't want to agree to that leader's terms, rather than drench the whole party with their toxicity. It creates unnecessary drama and wastes time for everyone else in the group while they bicker with their excuses and in my experience, risk making the orb-user leave. This is why I don't use my orbs in a group, because I know how unfortunately toxic the community can be and I don't trust any random player. On the subject of loot, frozen feathers drop from dynamic quests already, which is about the only place I collect them from, and I find it just fine. No need to rush on getting those Ascension/Radiance stones. I honestly don't understand how some people choose to justify their toxicity just because they want to rush to get the next new shiny thing - if they willingly join a MOML party, want to act rude, make excuses that they absolutely need xxx (as if no one else in the server does), don't want to use their own orb, and violate the terms set by a party leader through bidding, then that to me looks much more selfish and greedy than a MOML leader. Also, I feel the boss loots in CS and HM are not *that* great anyway, hence why I don't care about them and will happily pass if a MOML leader wants them. A few more frozen feathers and maybe a heptagonal gem ticket if you're lucky. Oh wow. That's a real game changer there (sarcasm). It also still doesn't change the fact that orbs are a bit more difficult to obtain quickly since the patch. So for me, if someone is willing to give up their orb, I find it reasonable to give them the loot if they want it. Again, I am a casual player who doesn't care about the loot, all I care about is the event currency so I only want the quests done, and I believe these ridiculous issues could be solved by removing orbs altogether. However, people should not act like every character/alt has a free orb on hand, because that is not true. For those who think the MOML leaders should go solo dungeons to "earn" all the loot themselves, whether it is CS or HM, that argument can be turned the other way as well. The possibility that the bidder is actually the one being carried, rather than the MOML leader, should not be ignored. Take for instance, a case where a MOML party is formed and everyone who joined it seemingly agrees to the specified terms. Then someone bids on the HM boss/both bosses in CS, violating the terms because they did not use their orb. Well, see, the bidder wanted *all* the loot too, but did they really earn it all on their *own*? No, they were carried, and took advantage of someone else's difficult-to-obtain orb just so they wouldn't have to use theirs. If that bidder wanted all the loot to themselves, then they should go solo the dungeons and *use their own orbs* rather than be carried by a full party to use someone else's orb. If they aren't geared enough to solo it or don't have orbs, and choose to join a MOML party, then they should follow said terms. How is it fair that the orb-user gets *none* of the loot just because a bidder wants all of it? This is why anyone who can solo HM/CS just solo it, to avoid wasting their orbs on toxic players.
  13. This really shouldn't be such a big deal, and normally I would agree that MOML only applies to the 2nd boss. However, with this event we currently have, orbs are difficult to obtain, and I can see some people probably wouldn't even do Cold Storage if there was no orb to do Kaari afterwards - at least I wouldn't bother doing it. When the event first started, I was using usual LFP party searches for Cold Storage, but when parties would disband because no one had an orb, it became an issue because I needed the event currency. So for me, if the orb-user wants both loots, I have no problem with it. I only join groups that say MOML now so I know for sure I can go to the 2nd boss and get the event currency since I don't care about the loot (super casual player here). I've seen that my random F8 groups have always let the orb-user have both loots so far (up until an incident today), and so I'm used to just letting the orb-user have both loots by now too, unless they choose to pass on items. It's kind of up to the party leader to come up with the terms when they advertise for groups, and it is appropriate that you agree to it if you join their party. If the party leader *specifically* states 'MOML for both bosses,' and you click to join that party, then you should follow those terms. Otherwise, please don't join. You create drama and waste time for everyone (-_-*) . I just had a group today where everyone joined the party after the leader specifically stated 'MOML both bosses.' Yet some fool was bidding after *both* bosses. His excuse was he needed more frozen feathers. Yes. And another fool defended him (during bidding after the first boss), complete with name-calling and silly arguments to anyone that didn't agree with them. It seems they wanted to ignore the terms that the party leader had set down, would not even acknowledge that the leader stated 'MOML both bosses,' and instead wanted to come up with their own terms even though they were refusing to use their own orb. However, those two willingly chose to join the party after knowing that the party leader specified both loots belonged to them, and so they should have respected the leader's terms. Well, what happened next was the rest of us were standing there waiting (as their rude insults were hurled toward anyone opposing them) during a long bidding war after the first boss, and then we had to wait some more afterwards because the orb-user became reluctant to use their orb for Kaari, which was understandable because it seemed difficult to trust that one bidding guy. Especially because that guy still bid on the 2nd boss, it just looked like an underhanded method to make someone else use an orb for their own gain, because they were unwilling to use *their* orb for it. I can't say anything other than that bidder was being despicable for bidding on both bosses. Which brings me to my last point, which is what I hope to be a solution to this whole mess and maybe even lessen a bit of the toxicity in the community that is connected to it: Remove the need for orbs in Cold Storage (and Heaven's Mandate too, why not). I don't normally post in forums, but the audacity and toxicity I have encountered in CS today was beyond ridiculous and bothered me enough to write - and I wasn't even the orb-user who got wronged. I understand both sides of how MOML should be either for the 2nd boss only or for both bosses, and again, I normally would have agreed with the former. But it is rude and disrespectful to go against the terms that the party leader had already stated and still want to join the party and also bid, especially on *both bosses*, when you didn't even want to use your own orb. I still see people in MOML parties bid in Heaven's Mandate too who didn't use an orb either. Perhaps removing the need for orbs would have prevented any confusion or conflict altogether, and maybe people wouldn't feel the need to have to be so disrespectful and toxic, at least in this one area. Seriously, a community should be helpful and supportive of one another, but the way this game is, it encourages quite the opposite.