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    Do's(❤) & Dont's(♡) ❤ Girls & boys(forewarning: i suck at males) ❤ GORE ❤ All races ♡ Intimate poses/Couples ♡ NSFW ♡ anything too cluttered Samples: IG: dA: do keep in mind that I will not accept all offers
  2. [YURA]Jester's bribe shop

    W E L C O M E ! I'm an amateur artist whose looking for something to kill time, so don't be afraid to send your form! status: open Rules: ✿ Be patient! ✿ Please use the form! ✿ I will not tolerate inappropriate behavior ✿ Once your offer is accepted, feel free to send the trade! Send the form by replying to the thread or messaging me with the form provided above.