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  1. Unfortunately mate, this isn't the first time. From my memory alone, I remember about 2-3 times patch information was miscommunicated/withheld (wonder if anyone remembers that Naryu Sanctum enrage timer fiasco from 2 years ago...) And note, this is only my memory. Who knows how many more times this was done. It's gotten to the point where it is only expected now...
  2. @Yugenn @Cyan This is nothing new. They have made plenty of this in the past. Loads of inaccurate info and no clue why it keeps happening. Just brace yourself for anything so you don't feel too disappointed in future
  3. Just putting up vids by two of our famous Youtubers Eckogen and kerropi so as to get the message out as For now, to all players, best is to lay low and avoid any possible ban flags, such fishing and ET until this crap blows over. And finally to NCSoft, I didn't think trust in you could sink any lower, but once more you've proven me, and a large amount of player base, extremely wrong. Seriously, get your s*** together and stop making things miserable for people who aren't even involved in this mess and communicate the mess promptly. If eve
  4. Well, just found out that EvilDoUsHarm has just released on update regarding some changes. So perhaps not all is lost.
  5. So over the past month or so, I have been plagued by a massive number of Disconnections and lag spikes whilst playing the game, especially when doing weekly dungeons. More than often I have been so anxious of doing my weeklies and the current event simply because I doubt my ability to stay logged in. I currently have a record of disconnecting 3 times within 30 minutes, once in every dungeon from SJF to DKV. There was even I time I disconnected three times in a row in Ebondrake Citadel, which made it ridiculously difficult in completing my dailies. I have gone from expecting lag to expecting a
  6. Thanks man, and no worries. I'm not an IT guy myself, hence why I needed help. :) Yeah, I am playing from Asia, which does make sense and can't be helped. But I think the random spikes from the ISP provider seems to be the problem. I didn't use to have such frequent disconnections; they only started this month. Maybe I'll look into it. Once more, much appreciated.
  7. Hi all. Would like to request help with interpreting the WinMTR report below. Been having issues with connectivity (with frequent DCs and am looking to see what the issue is. Thank you very much! |------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | WinMTR statistics | | Host - % | Sent | Recv | Best | Avrg | Wrst | Last | |------------------------------------------------|------|------|------|------|-----
  8. Tradeable materials will also be shifted to Daily challenge, so that would be a good change since it helps get what we need for those Transformation stones. Still, Tekoek0911 is right. Keep those fingers crossed because for all we know, another miscommunication is occurring.
  9. Hello Youmukon, While it is good that you have acknowledged this mistake, it is still concerning that there were no messages for the wider community regarding this, along with the fact that this was stated by others for at least 2 months. Additionally, there are also many other issues regarding the proper communication of in-game changes, such as the recent removal of ToI venture tokens. As a player of this game, I feel that the game’s community rightfully deserves to have transparent and accurate information regarding ALL changes that are made to the game, and for any
  10. Well, to be fair, the upgrade event is okay. ToI token removal does suck, but you still can get them from those dungeon reward chests. Just stinks that now its more RNG than before. The main issue is that the company has a severe problem of not properly communicating all the changes they make. I mean, adding another cent into this, the last patch they completely made a mistake on the Patch notes for the Enrage Timer in Naryu Sanctum. Community member Jarke also outlines a few of these 'ninja nerfs' in the past. And as you said, it really frustrates a lot of people that some end up quitting.
  11. So in the recent patch where the entirety of Nightfall Sanctuary was released along with the current upgrade events, a single change in the game not announced in the Patch Notes. That is, the removal of HM Coins from the Tower of Infinity Seasonal rewards. While I myself cannot say whether this is a good or bad change, the fact is that it was not properly communicated to the Blade and Soul player community in the Patch notes. NCSoft, as a active player in this game, I find it quite disheartening to know that such changes were not properly communicated. I believe that the player bas
  12. Great way for new players to gear up a little faster in certain aspects. And it also saves them resources as well. I'll hold my judgement until the whole patch comes out, but for now it looks like a good change.
  13. Actually, I found that out some time ago. Unfortunately, I had made my Baleful 10 by that point. So yeah... T_T :( But I would like to respectfully ask that we drop this aspect of the whole subject. I want our threads to remain focused on the main topic issue. Thank you both for your understanding.
  14. Hi Hepta, True, that is a solution. Unfortunately some players get hit with bad RNG for upgrading the weapon, hence why we are still stuck at 5 Hex gems. I'd get another if I could, but I don't have it right now. But I do know about the Gem hammers on the market, and I do have a plan.
  15. Hi Massive It is unfortunate, but a GM confirmed with me that the patch notes statements are wrong. It was not supposed to be 8min, but 5min instead. And I do agree that this has made the dungeon more carry/luck based in success, which I fear will damage the game's newer player base. For now, I have inserted a current solution in the comments above, but I'd rather this be a stopgap measure till a more realistic change be made.
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