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  1. Aaaaayooo!!! 
    Let me begin by introducing myself. You can call me Fox, in game name ZoeLynn Fox and we are The Breadfast Club of the Crimson Legion!

    A whale with a boring social experience? Come on over!
    Back in the game after a year or so and lost in the wave of new content? Hop aboard!
    We are a more casual clan who specializes in snagging players of all kinds and helping them be the best they can be without the stress of clan regulations. We are casuals and understand that life gets in the way, but we do not mind giving jump starts to your gear and class needs! 

    Most of us operate on Eastern time, however having a group in other time zones is also acceptable to keep the flow of things running through the day. We do have a schedule for raids and other events that adjust with the people we have. Can't make it to a raid? Don't worry! With increasing numbers to the clan we can have more than one team for raids, daily trains and other farming purposes. 


    What we do:

    • We run a Daily Train that consists of not only the Daily Challenges but everything else that is usually in the rotation to optimize on gold and achievements
    • A Weekly Train that takes everyone through all the Weekly Challenges as well as Black Tower(To help those who are not yet geared for future raids as well as for the gold and achievements)
    • Weekly Raids, which consists of both Vortex Tower and Scion's Keep. (Eventually TT, we'll get there soon.)
    • High level and hard dungeon training to get people ready familiar with mechanics. (Don't stress, we don't mind dying 50 times for your well being)

    What do we want?

    • Non toxic, carefree, easy going. We don't need stress, we get enough of that at work.
    • Atleast Raven 9 or higher.

    What we 
    That's it!  We'd rather not stress on things because we know things can be a bit of a learning curve, so we're willing to help and teach whatever it is you need. We do have a discord which will be provided once you've joined the clan, and we'd be glad for you to make yourself at home. 

    So come aboard, AND LETS GET THAT BREAD!!

  2. 12 hours ago, Inqui said:

    Easiest solution is to not play, and wait until the Unreal Engine 4 conversion is released.

    And about 32bit crashing...its because of the 4GB ram limitation, which is being eaten in a few seconds after logging in a crowded area lmao.

    Yeah, that's looking like the current solution lol.

  3. Hello! I've been suffering of some extremely bad stuttering during combat while using the 64 bit version. To circumvent the lag, I used the 32 bit, which runs very smooth, but that crashes the game.
    My specs 
    Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 -8700K CPU@ 3.70GHz  3.70GHz 
    16 GB RAM
    GeForce RTX 2080