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  1. I just want to say something as a new player. I think that NCSoft must think about add more material rewards in dungeons.
    Ok You added more weekly rewards, but it is only once for a week. About daily and dungeons.
    For example in Naryu Sanctum and higher dungeons before patch we had chance to gain even 6-7 chests with materials
    per dungeons. Now We have chance to gain only one and 1-2 from accomplishing dungeons. Its a big difference. I am
    farming IF and EL 10 hours per day and I am gaining from one day only about 60 sacred crystals and soulstones -
    its too low quantity comparing to the situation before patch. I dont have now even opportunity to buy this chests
    from bid because I cant drop anymore up to 7 chests, its not fair. I cant even drop 10-pack of soulstones and
    sacred crystal in lair of the frozen fang, avalanche den or shattered masts. And about the gold. Imagine how hard
    have brand new players now? The gold from daily vanished. The gold from lower dungeon is nerfed. For example Naryu
     Foundry give us 7 gold on premium and now give me not even 2 gold. The same thing is in Ebondrake Cidatel,
    Desolate Tomb. Please consider the changes in game about materials and gold. Oh You even deleted chests 100,500,1000
    and 5000 gold. How we can now earn gold and mats..

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