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  1. Let's patiently wait for a totally honest and transparent answer, kappa
  2. Imagine putting gameguard without heartbeat or any decent security measure to prevent it being bypassed by the same file that has been used for TW server for ages now XD Imagine being as cringe as ncsoft 🤦‍♂️
  3. Last week we had 4 spìns (3 for non-premium players i assume), now we have 3 again. Is this intended? If so, why wasn't it mentioned in the maintenance announcement?
  4. Plus the solution isn't to allow everything, like jetpack, cheat engine, gcd, and overall xmls that increase dps removing hits on a skill and stuff like that. If letting qol addons exist would let all that stuff be possible aswell, then fuk qol, be realistic guys. I also agree that these qol features should be added in the game by the devs themselves ofc, but good luck with that.
  5. We can live without qol addons. I do use them aswell, to open boxes faster, transmute faster, etc, and I have also played without them and its NOT the end of the world, stop ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ crying and using silly excuses, whoever quits because of such an irrelevant thing really must have his head pretty much empty.
  6. You really seem to take things personally too much if you call that "uneducated attitude" lmao
  7. Obviously that would be something for the support to handle and compensate getting all the lost stuff back to the player... They give you back something if you discarded it by mistake, ofc they would give you your gear back if you lost it because of a bug that's out of your hand, duh.
  8. You tell people who create other posts on this matter to check this post, but you still arent giving an answer or showing any slight interest. We didnt create this thread to discuss between us, we did to get your attention and to be LISTENED TO, but again you don't care, oh what a surprise.
  9. In any case, disappointed but not surprised that ncwest keeps playing dumb. I guess this game is doomed to be managed by a trash company, unlucky.
  10. Bypass methods were available because of the way they implemented it. There are safe ways to implement an anticheat that would make it very hard to be hacked.
  11. @Hime @Rynara @Amraith I wish I was wrong, but I'm afraid this will most likely be totally futile and they will ignore this thread like it didn't happen. Also I don't know if this was mentioned by anyone (don't have time to read all the replies) but most players would like to be able to customize their skills to some extent, like moving a skill to another key, or disable more than 5 skills (it's currently limited to 5). Some people use xml edits just for "quality of life" and essentially harmless stuff, and personally I don't think that's bad, thats why i think it should be a feature
  12. @Hime @Rynara @Amraith Still waiting for a word on this matter. For how long are you gonna ignore it? This is a total disrespect, specially to the legit players that were waiting for the anticheat and now not only it's not active but you also dont say a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ word.
  13. @Hime Is any member of the staff gonna say ANYTHING at all about this? Can you not ignore one of the most important things that many ppl were waiting for and is necessary in any decent game?
  14. Planning to do anything about it or are you just gonna play dumb?
  15. You dont even need to investigate much, just sneak in the PUBLIC discords where all that stuff is being posted and updated, i think its not that hard to figure this out, really. For example right now in korea its possible to use edited xmls because the game doesnt check the .pak signatures from what i've read, and as long as the .pak is properly repacked it will work, and if that happens in korea it will be the same here obviously.
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