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  1. A Mid-Bummer Night's Dream --- the daily quest from Moon Refuge. This will help beginners, mid-level players, alt-chars alike. Making this one a daily helps them gear up faster everyday and helps with their accessories in the long run be it pvp or pve. Completing daily and getting Moonlight Bud currency would be a sweet deal. Let's make this happen Thank you!
  2. Like I know they said no slots this patch but just open up the slots its ridiculous that we have this cap. I want to a make some new characters but I don't want to kill off my people I already invested in them. Hey more slots means more play time, more upgrades, more money spent. Win Win for all. Open up the Slots.
  3. Ohh cool so we are getting gem powder refund like last time thank you
  4. The previous gem discount made the old gem antique and gave us gem powder in compensation. Just do the same on this patch to avoid tons of tickets and get positive feedback from the community. Everyone upgraded their gems one point in time it should be fair to everyone not just the select few. Let's make this change pushed before the patch since nothing is set in stone yet.
  5. We already see abuse in AFK players/leeches its time something is done about this. Rather than players reporting and wasting time on someone that will or will not be punished for. Address this issue before the new awakening patch hits which give away lvl 60 vouchers to leechers :P
  6. lol this already happens in DG lobby just gotta find the right people :P anyways its a good change rather than carry afk/leeches.
  7. Sounds like Grimoir is the biggest opposition of this vote to kick option to be added wonder why? Most of these players/bots that afk in F8 are gold farmer that sells gold in illegal sites. You can see their gears are all the same. Solak soul doesnt even bother to complete the storyline :P and some just feels lazy and abuse the (no one can do anything about it if i AFK). Time for a change. This one actually makes sense to implement. Imagine the tickets of afk players being reported will be cut down. and you protect your revenue from gold farming leeches.
  8. NC is selling wedding outfit time to implement wedding
  9. This is just common sense. If its allowed to kick during raid and weeklies why not in F8. You only see people AFK in F8 because no kick option.
  10. You can't VK players during loot auction same with offline players. THEY means 5 people if you managed to ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ off 5 random people that is on you. How is this different being in a weekly party where one person has the power to decide who is in or out?
  11. 1 and 2 already happens in F8 lobby. 3 Is just vindictive and far-fetched idea. 4 Is to prevent AFK. And not reward AFK players. This vote to kick option is for LFP dungeons such as events. And to stop rewarding AFK players/leeches.
  12. Abused how? You are not making any sense. Voting to kick AFK/leeching players? Entire team has to agree before one is booted out. In what manner is this option going to be abused?
  13. Am suggesting vote to kick option be available F8 against AFK players. There is no immediate punishment for those who leeches in dungeons or event dungeons. If you are voted out by 5 people that means you are doing something wrong / AFK. There is no downside to this option. You can't vote to kick during loot auction anyways. Reporting players who afk is a hassle in both the player and support team. You won't see anyone afk in a weekly group the reason why is you get booted out immediately I do hope the same works for F8. Make F8 a non-afk place :D Let's make
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