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  1. Fire KFM gear help

    Hello hello! So I've been slacking a whole lot when it comes to gear. At this point I believe I'm super behind and missed a whole lot of opportunities. I'm very very veeeeeery clueless when it comes to nicknames for stuff so please bear with me and my pea sized brain. I have have raven 2, stage 3 destiny ring, awakened xanos earring, stage 3 oath necklace, stage 3 tiger bracelet, stage 3 eternity belt, hollows gloves, blue moon soul badge, stage 6 hongmoon energy, stage 1 awakened hongmoon heart, stage 6 hongmoon pet aura. 3 dauntless soul shield and 5 southern tiger. If its best for me to go wind I'm fine with that. I've looked up gear guides in the past but they all conflicted with each other or I believe they're outdated. I've became bored of leveling up my alts so I saw this boredom as an opportunity.
  2. Most of the time its is unintentional. The 3rd party launcher will not update the game only the official launcher will. I'm not sure with other 3rd party launchers but, BNS buddy will not allow you to enter the game after you attempt to launch after a major update. At least for me it will not.
  3. 3rd party launchers let you enter the game without updates and normally causes issues in the game. You have to use the BNS launcher to update the game.
  4. Constant crashing, dungeons won't load regularly

    I will do so once I can and ill let you know if that worked. Edit: Crashes stopped happening as much but I still get the loading issues with the dungeons
  5. So probably a month or so ago my game would constantly crash and EC have problems loading. I've never had this problem when I first got the game... :/ When Blade & Soul crashes I don't get the "Blade&Soul has stopped worked" pop-up the game just closes without warning. I get no FPS drops when it happens as well. With EC not loading in properly is when you get to the part where you go into these rooms and kill the mobs, its just not there and would take 10 secs to a minute to load in. I don't have any screenshots or recordings that I know of but when I take some I'll edit the post. I'm not that smart when it comes to computers but I did my best to list what I could find out about my PC if it helps. Ram: 16 GB DDR3 Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Processor: 3.3 GHz AMD FX
  6. Why get rid of most gold income? Why loading screens in dungeons? Most of all, why the automation part in DT?????????????
  7. Summoner Gear?

    Hi hi! Thank you so much! I'll do all what you've said. For my wep I already have all slots. I unlocked them after reaching stage 6, I think. I started to worry after I was being kicked out of parties alot and noticed I had terrible gear. I would watch videos and some said "this" was good and "that" was trash and when I move on to another video it said the plain opposite.
  8. Summoner Gear?

    Hi hi, Thanks so far! I have the full hollow set, Solak soul, Stage 1 Hm pet aura, 4 mistwalker soul shield, 4 rejuvenation soul shield and a Stage 9 Seraph playing as an earth summoner. I don't have any mystic or soul badges since I just now learned they were there. On my weapon I have all of the slots unlocked with 5 square gems and one triangular. For most of my time I just focused on upgrading my weapon because I didn't know there was better gear the hollows and solak...
  9. Summoner Gear?

    Hi hi! So I've played bns for a year now but I'm still very clueless about how this game works. I don't know any terms like "Tanking","Dps","Ping". It gets very confusing..Other then that I main a summoner which is a HM9. If someone could tell me whats some good gear for it I would appreciate it and, if I'm not asking too much, maybe a deep explanation on these terms people use..I've tried looking it up myself but I still can't seem to understand or remember.
  10. Try repairing your files a month back I was having this issue + slow verifying times i used bns buddy to actually get into the game but i had 15 or less fps after switching to 32 bit and repairing files it seemed to fix it im not the best with all of these issues but its worth a try
  11. last time I had blue screen from bns it ended up killing my pc and I had to get repairs
  12. summoner for another race please

    I really can't tell if you're being serious by the way you talk but the closest you can get to a non-lyn summoner is warlock :U its basically the same but less girly ig you also don't have a cat following you 24/7 but you can always summon your thrall when you need it....sometimes
  13. Does anyone have a working Chinese voice pack? English can be annoying, Japanese makes everyone sound like they're all 13 and Korean isn't really my cup of tea. If there is no download surfacing on the internet I just need instructions on how to extract them from the Chinese client correctly. I already have it installed.
  14. I haven't been on bns for a month or so and when I wanted to play yesterday I had this problem. I just thought maybe it was some kind of issue happening but when I try to play today its the same thing. It would take an hour to "Verify" and ofc, I can't wait that long so I'd use bns buddy to launch the game. It would let me in after a few attempts but, I would have extremely low frames. It shouldn't really be a Wifi or hardware issue since for the past year of playing this game, I have never had an issue like this. I tried to run a file repair but the timer would go up to 3 days and I know you shouldn't really believe it but just looking at that is really motivating. If someone knows an answer to why this is happening please let me know! Edit: Now the game attempts to crash every time its on a loading screen..