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  1. Hey..! not mention only that, Loot bids suck now in every dungeon. like 0.1% to find something good.. After 40 runs on SSM haven't seen a single purple Belt for a **** upgrade thank you NC too for this ninja nerfs on these drops.
  2. Still waiting 4 ever Lol... "Sadmeme"
  3. Yeah but not for Blade and soul Sir, you can inform better. Thank you...!
  4. @JIFSTER i know you are right with all your posts, but they dont will care about this, like i said before if people still spending on RNG boxes and troves you can ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ yourself with all of these posts, and sorry but its the true, after 100+ Topics about this they dont care about it.......! and they dont repply any of this post because they know it is the sad true...! And sorry again...!
  5. Yeah its true, thats why iam saying quit and stop sinking money, and for every material whales made it higher, in this case of sacred orb was because NC has the wonderful idea, to make 5k exp charm with sacred orbs and Soulstones, x100 SS x 100SO , for F2P its a lot of material, so they preffer to sold on F5, not mention every single material or new transmutation they made it. All have a reason to got higher than before " NC and Whales"... Sad but True
  6. Sounds Logic, okay since this game its p2w, its time to spend money if not on game then on hardware. Regards
  7. Yeah if your group are whales they can buy a Good Graphic card. thats the solution
  8. Read This " This its not a F2P Game Sorry"....
  9. If people still spending money on every Trove or RNG box in new patches, it's simple, NC Team won't stop doing this so you can cry whatever you want. They dont wanna change anything. Money its money. Sorry for people who wants to play F2P, but not , this is not a F2P at the moment, i suggest to people who wants to play F2P to, quit right now from this game and start a new one instead of sinking money like i did, telling you guys for experience, i spend a lot of money on this game, and every patch they lowered all, and its like "❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ you who all those people who spend that money" , we just w
  10. Oh God 2g Its a lot of moneyyyyy my god!!! ... please dont do post like this.. Its embarrasing
  11. Do you really think people dont use their own macros? LOOOOOL........
  12. This happen because people ask for aransu 9 on low dungeons and raids. thats what you have.
  13. Like i said in the last post, people can cry on pvp section because its just bad and don't know the class
  14. Whales can go to the PVP section, there are a lot of people crying because of eveything of their own class because they dont know how to play. Thanks
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