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  1. @Himeyea im also really curious about all this, cause i also got 20 happy boxes from f10, send them to a friend, and he send them back to me. sooooo do they count now or are those 20 just wasted?
  2. yea thats what im wondering and hope a gm can answer it for me 😮
  3. Will we be able to open the Holliday gift boxes still after the event? Cause it doesnt say on the box when/if they will expire 😮 @Hime
  4. if i bought keys only because they posted that, then i would have fallen for them...but i didn't and you can't know my reasons to trove overall, so pls just don't.
  5. where did i fall for them? i was pointing out that if they really buffed it now that i want my keys back...
  6. dude we know that they are baiting, its trove...you don't have to write it 10 times pls
  7. did the trove get updated?! I didn't spend a lot of keys only so that it will be buffed now afterwards
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