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  1. I recently paid for my year membership which came with 4 vouchers, totally geat right! But no, Picked the new hairstyle on my SF and BD and was so excited to see how it turned out, but to my great disapointment buth haistyles reverted back to what they were. I would call this a bug a $125 bug, I would like my hairstyles and colors back. I sent a ticket and they sent me a voucher, so I tried again. Same darn thing, can someone help me please? Any GM out there, I paid good money and now feel jipped. Thank you for you time
  2. Anyone else still having problems even getting the game to run? I even uninstalled the game and reinstalled, sent tickets, support is trying but it is so frustrating. It's not like I'm running Vista or something...if anyone has a fix let me know. It just sits at 86% update and wont move....help
  3. I missed out on an oil, bc I didnt hit Y fast enough, no way to compensate for that? And how are ppl fishing 40x already? I thought is was a 1X a day event? Hooks are'nt transferable between characters rt?
  4. I am concerned aboutwe lower level players trying to gear up. I ran my FM over 30x trying to get Yeti Bangle to only get nothing, not only that but people no longer want to run lower level dungeons bc of the high paying ones. We lower characters need help too, at least give us a chance to gear up, and I am not strong enough to challenge CB. Any ideas? Maybe sell these weapons in the shops, or on the marketplace, anything to help we little guys out.
  5. Ok, then I will go back and fix that thank you so much for the info, I honestly wasn'nt paying attention when my friend made the clan.
  6. As of two months ago leveling a clan was pretty easy. Now, after the new update I started a new clan with a friend and everything has changed. After three days we have 20 players, yet can not assign rank, can not figure out how to donate, gold, insignias, etc.... not to mention how the heck do we level up the quild? I have searched Youtube, Internet, BnS forum, but can find no answers prior to 2017. Can someone please enlighten me on what we need to do? It is so frustrating as we are farming mats and have no place to donate them to the improvement of our guild. Someone please let me know what
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