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  1. Indeed. The warlock I just played against had 39k HP and that's honestly weird to me.
  2. Thrall is indeed limited time, but the damage isn't anything too big unless SB is used (I guess?) I haven't seen any person use the thrall self destruction whatever the name happens to be.
  3. I guess it's class? although I've seen same class with different amounts of HP. This confuses me.
  4. I've done arena for some while and always been thinking how the opponents HP varies from 40k to almost 50k. Of course it doesn't matter when one has skill and someone is probably going to mention that. But I'm wondering, why is that? I have BG SS equipped and have around 43k HP. I've left wondering what makes this difference. Class? Equipped SS?
  5. Yea I know, I can't do much to it. I left the topic alone a while. But since NCsoft decided to roll in Warden with Soulburn, I wanna talk about this. Are you so miserable that you use SB in PvP to win? I mean I'm getting used to see that though it keeps being annoying because it just makes you look miserable. It just looks like you're proving a point on that warden is so braindead class that you can just SB everyone inside your resilience bubble. Just stop it and try learn your rotation and stuff so you wouldn't need to use a party ability against one little person.
  6. That's true tho. But at the same time the thing is you need enough hp and mech knowledge and that's crucial for staying alive, obviously. I've been in many LFP parties where people leave because some die or that it's too slow for them I guess, but in the end we others cleaned the dungeon with no problems. Too bad for them, they would've saved more time just staying with us. Some people seem to have so little patience and so much want to braindeadly dps everything, even though it's way more fun to do dailies when you have to use your brain, not dps away with your Grand celestial 6.
  7. I am not one of those 55 HM8's nagging how everyone wants so much ap in daily dungeons. I'm a HM11 BD with 1082ap so I have nothing to nag about in them. The thing just is, why such high requirements for such easy dungeons as Hollows Heart, Irontech Forge and Naryu Sanctum? No one needs VT gear for that. They just need about 1,05k-1,08k (going inside my own ap to not be an asshat) and knowledge of the mechs through video or I'll tell them what to do. It doesn't take an hour to take people with no VT gear or 1,3 ap. I understand DD, RT, STT and those, but Hollows heart? Starstone mines? No VT g
  8. I'm just curious. I don't really know to say anything myself though, but I'm interested in to hear others list both pros and cons of the BnS community of the area they play on. Just remember not to reveal names or bash certain people. If you want to report a player, submit a ticket.
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