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  1. New Justice Emblem

    I have this problem as well on two of my characters. Best not to do the quest at all.
  2. Solution to low fps on 64bit client!

    Normally I would get about 30 fps max with max graphics, which stayed constant even in fights. However, within the past 2 days, idle will give me 20 fps and fighting would bring it down between 3-8 fps even when i turned the graphics as low as possible. (I think BnS servers are having issues). So, now I went ahead and did this and now I max out at 120 fps idling and it still stays pretty high in combat with max graphics. NVidia 1060, 16gb ram, i7 core... I could definitely tell something was up XD Edit: Oh, never mind. It doesn't work anymore. It worked only the first time I launched. Any time after I get the horrible fps issue.