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  1. I had to login to give some feedback regarding what I have seen happening after the gold nerf: I helped two guys who were returning players, they had issues about their class (BM) and equipment and I gave them some tips. They came back to me a couple hours later saying that making gold is really hard (when you are at story gear you CANNOT find consistent parties after Naryu foundry, so where the money is decent, you are locked out cuz no one will take you). I tried to explain that it would only be harder at the start, then it gets easier since you are able to run dungs that give you decent money, not this 1g bs. They left and never logged in again. I have a friend who still enjoys BnS, he doesnt have much gear and he doesnt even log in everyday because there is no point, he cannot get consistent money to upgrade his char and with more nerfs to dungeon rewards, he just logs in whenever he feels like it and does pvp and weeklies. Games like these NEED fresh players joining, because otherwise all you get is more people leaving and you end up with a game like vindictus. I do not care what whales or end game gear people say because they do not see the game like a new player does. it is completely different. NCSoft added some good things but this change was unnecessary, since they took 90% of the rewards.
  2. Hello, I already got the preset. thanks