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  1. Indeed, what is the point of crafting clan outfits if some components are not available? Making them available would benefit all clans, and allow them to be creative and unique with their designs. I believe that clans are the life of bns. A place of common interests and belonging, for otherwise solo players. Without my clan, I honestly would've quit bns a long time ago. The OP's request is a small one, please make all components available.
  2. Free Pristine Astral Oil from June 13–27

    I sent this to Support, but they asked me to post it here, because they can't help. So its the worse case scenario.. I have been braving EL and IF with my usual NS and dailes the last few weeks in an attempt to obtain the Awakened Soul. For all my efforts, I now have a fleeting soul stage 6, on 100% on the upgrade mileage bar. With my oils from today, and the free oils from F10, by the 27th I will be short of 3 or 4 oils. All I am asking for, is a way for unlucky players in my situation to obtain a few more oils. Even purchasing it from the HM store would be fine.