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  1. Soul Shield

    okay should i attempt to get it back or just see if im lucky in bt?
  2. Soul Shield

    where's the vendor?
  3. Soul Shield

    Accidentally salvaged my MSP 6 is there anyway to get it back?
  4. Gearing guide help? Gunslinger

    legit explained perfect nothing on youtube or where ive been searching has explained like you have thanks alot i have a much better understanding now. :)
  5. Gearing guide help? Gunslinger

    thanks for the advice and i have 5 piece from quest line and 3piece bt from a quest i have no badges yet because lack on information on how to actually accumulate gold other than dailys and hard to gain mats due to constantly being kicked for lack of AP thanks for the info best i've seen so far and you actually explain a little more indepth. also i've no idea how to gain raven feathers for my badge in celestial plain
  6. Hi! I finished the story on my Gunslinger (55 HM9) and was wondering what is the best gear I can grind at this point. I'm talking razor, soulshields, accesories and any other important stuff (soul, pet ??). I'm a noob at this so it'd be great if you could help me. I play with shadow build Gunslinger, I'm also on Seraph stage 9 i have my legendary bracelet necklace and belt nothing more.
  7. struggling to find information on gearing guides soul shields badges and so fourth i'm about to get my tiger bracelet but i can't seem to understand what other items i should be aiming for i'm running shadow build appreciate if anyone could advise please.