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  1. Found one!

    The server is Yura :)
  2. Found one!

    Hi, my name is Bradley, and I've found an artist! (Btw this picture is not mine it was created by General Cowslip, a very elite artist.) It's General Cowslip himself!
  3. Can I get back red quests after I abandoned them?

    A GM showed me in my help desk ticket that you can get them back, if you found out where the quests started at; and talk to the person that starts it. Just wanted to post the solution for anyone who had the same problem, I'm sure it's common because I did not want to abandon those quests.
  4. I inadvertently abandoned my red quests: when it said "manage quest" for a blue one, I pressed it, but I didn't know it abandons other quests in the way. So now I have barely any more red quests; is there any way to get the red quests back?