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  1. Are you aware that every online purchase over 100 dollars online in general is protected by Consumers Right Act, Consumer Protection Act and Electronic communications act? Are you aware, that the rule that does apply in those laws are that the seller is required to provide apart from full details, adress, price as well the right description of the goods the people online buy and the gaming world and its services is not an exception? In other words dear new community manager is ... that you just tainted yourself in front of everyone on forums not only that you not giving the goodie as it was pr
  2. 100 percent agree with implementing the anti cheat and as well agreeing with people claiming this is a new beginning and it's time for NC to make a line.. enough of the automatic support responses when we report someone, enough of the xmls that break the game, enough of the third party programs in BNS.... this is a second chance for NC to make Blade and Soul great again.... and I am not only appealing on you to activate the anticheat but as well punish those who decide to ignore the rules, or decide to cheat.... make an example out of them, show them, that no matter who they are, how much they
  3. I am not a frequent forum poster just like many others who posted. If anyone asks me when do I stop play Blade and Soul my respond is ''til the server closes''. That's how loyal of a player I am, but you guys seems to be intetionally killing the server.... Let me tell you this.... I did daily train every single day. No matter if it was a hard day at work, or busy day on days off, I ALWAYS logged in and did it. But after seeing them gold reductions coming in .... decreasing not only gold on OLD dungeons but NEW ONE gives a pity 6.. I am thinking.... screw daily trains. For what in the world wou
  4. Since the lovely dear support sent me on forums. COULD YOU PLEASE DEVELOPERS CHECK MECHANICS OF DUNGEONS BEFORE ADDING NERFS that are WITHOUT COMMON SENSE? They took out stacks that the granite titan gives.... now the problem with that in NS HM is that if u don't get stack u got no immunity buff against ''devastating attack'' once the statues are alligned and mechs done. So practically gotta spam REVIVE charm and hit the boss when all dies, to save a wipe.... And DD..... Why take out bubbles but still want people to STUN in HM.. now without classes that can cheese aka pet people like s
  5. Oh.... they said u could always go farm other dungeons now like EL, IF, HH etc to make money.... cause those DROPS from bosses are just so so amazing. EVERY DUNGEON incl. HH got a guaranteed drop of LUNAR EFFIN TWILIGHT FLOWER!!! I say that's a bloody gold maker now, please let's all farm them, so motivating that trash drop.... Is NC even serious bout it? EVERY SINGLE BOSS DROPS that useless plant.... or void fragments.... (Wondering if they forgot that THEY GAVE AWAY MSP SHIELDS IN MAIN QUEST!!! and frankly no player in those dungeons need them even if that wouldn't be the case). First time s
  6. We can keep going on in this discussion @HateMe... when u saying people who are looking for AP are not good players.... what's happening in F8 then? Becase pretty much then by what u saying those people are not good players. I don't know how others but i see rarely a 1k AP recruitment for HH or DD.. And frankly, forcing people learn mechanics... >> old dungeons, new dungeons or gears got nothing to do with that <<<.. been with hm 15+ people in dungeon who had no clue even how to mark in an old content like Irontech forge.... or hm 14s that still dies on punishment in BT .... So
  7. *coughs* sorry to disappoint you I am no longer baleful, actually to tell you the truth I am raven 6, BT earring, VT neck (which dropped my AP ofc under 1.1k) ... I'm not relying on anyone since most of the dungeons I run I am the first to volunteer for mechs.... but surprise surprise noone cares what gears I have... my ap is under 1.1k and on day to day basis I'm being kicked from HH, EL or at times even the pity SM... unlucky? maybe.... but i doubt a baleful person will have any easier life. Yeah he could create a party like above ppl mentioned, but it's gonna be pain in the arse to actua
  8. Are you even playing the same game Fiana??? THERE IS NOTHING BUT RECRUITMENT in F8 for the dungeons u just mentioned... HH, DD, RS, SM over and over again and nooooooo s*** they all wanting 1.1k + AP ppl... with absolute ZEROING of older dungeons reward... what can a 900 ap baleful person / new player do? Don't tell me going farm newer dungeons cause dam right he be either flamed he is clueless - because flash news he will be ONCE HE WONT BE EVER ENTERING BASIC DUNGEON which teaches how to even CC - or just straight kicked from EVERY SINGLE PRECIOUS IF EL DD RT party in lobby :P And as a ma
  9. I'm sorry but then the question arise.... ARE THERE NO NEW PLAYERS OR SMTH? o.o Or for that matter people who are working, who wanna do only one raid but stuck on BT yet still can't get it cause they can't get into HM versions? Why NC focuses so much on old old players. With all these gold nerfs from older dungeons, now this HM version for BT gears AND RAVEN SOULSHIELDS (like who needs in those teams the raven SS xD) since they untradable? Or shall we start the debate about ''everyone is equal but some are more equal'' so they get stuff transfered to alts :D I'm doing BT now for couple of
  10. So, I just put it out there as a question towards lovely NCSOFT..... but before I do I wanna make clear that I DO HAVE A BT RAID, so I'm not crying just trying to understand the brilliant idea of make Roughhewn ring + Earring dropping in dungeons like HM HOLLOWS HEART, SM HM, IF, EL etc ... Not sure who's idea was that to help out ''unlucky'' players with such update but cheers for nothing... frankly, hm 9, 10 - 11 people who wanna speed up their BT accessories drop by farming the ''Roughhewn'' version can pretty much just go forget the idea (wanted to say something else - 'go F.... themsel
  11. Aw ye, I'm not playing too heavily so I didn't realize there's problems lately with server Jinsoyun... just read through the posts in general discussion and realized that's the problem, so my bad not checking it out first, thanks for respond :) and well.... another way of NC to make ''new players'' absolutely ''love'' this game trolololol....
  12. Hello all, tried to create a gunner, first it bugs completely - the complete creation window grays out - then it gives me the ''failed to create'' note and then if i try again it says NAME ALREADY TAKEN... I made up crazy names as u will see on screens so I know that is not the deal.... anyone else having issues with this? Attaching pictures of the problem... https://ibb.co/mLpC4n https://ibb.co/mGQVqS https://ibb.co/hsKFqS https://ibb.co/jhSeH7
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