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  1. Well, I've got a friend who's playin from different country than me, and he also have no servers things done and on. I'll be more precise. EU doesn't seem to have servers up. EDIT: The topic is to be closed. I've roamed interweb wide and far and despite various forums missing a beat on it, right clicking on steam library position and open their little forum nested me a revelation that there is a maintenance going on.
  2. Sooo, any idea why the servers are not available at this time?
  3. xD no, yeah, I understand where you're coming from with this sentence, it just sounds so wrong xD like, "We've welcomed lolicons with open arms, heck, we even based entire lore on the premise to bait them" Still, back to topic, *sigh* one can dream of humman summoners. Oh yeah, is it me or lolis are so close to the ground you actually hear glyph's sfx humming while riding the dragon veins? I've made human alt and she just waves her arms, there's no fwumhs to be heard.
  4. I like to keep it simple, but adorable :3
  5. o͡͡͡͡͡͡╮༼;´༎ຶ.̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̨̨̨̨̨̨̨.̸̸̨̨۝ ༎ຶ༽╭o͡͡͡͡͡͡ I mean, i can understand lore-chains... but why make such a fun class for lolicons only
  6. xD yea, +1 it just happened, like 5 mins ago, was wasting time fighting some slippy chaos scrubs who jumped on ppl for no reason when the game simply froze and the community went glorious with spamming PANIC on faction/clan chat. 11/10, will try to log in tonight
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