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  1. Warlock - Shadow vs Ice [PvE]

    I think you meant that you don't like PvP You know what i did ? I was uncertain like you then i decided i will play whatever element of accessory drops first from BT and it was Ice ring. I dont regret my decision. HA Also If you wanna do lots of damage and be useful then play Assassin or something, considering your ping is decent.
  2. Just look at the price jump...

    5m exp charms must be completely removed from transmute list and added back on special events like the one currently live. Whales need them ? You got trove, whale it. You are maxed anyway. Otherwise there is no point in complaining about marketplace prices.
  3. Thus NCWest twists players around their little finger...
  4. Help me choose

    Basicly, I want to gear up another character, as much as i really like playing bns i am kinda bored of playing the same class so i have got 2 options Force Master or Kung Fu Master they are Baleful9s with purple elemental accessories. Bear in mind i enjoy playing both of them but i cant boost both due to lack of resources/whaling... What are your ideas ?
  5. Daily Challenge/Dungeon Rewards in 2018

    I agree. Rewards, gold, materials and everything else is not enough. However game's designed like this way sadly so grind, swipe or leave... You should think about gearing little toons and doing extra daily challenges or another big 10
  6. What should I upgrade next?

    Advice from a freeloader to another, dont spend any gold on sacred oils we get them from events therefore you should give your all to upgrade your weapon to raven stg9. Also get some purple elemental accesorries, they are good and easy to find
  7. Hongmoon skills / Secret techniques

    with the ongoing legend mode event Bravery coins are quite easy to farm right now in addition to that if you rank in gold tier, you will get rewarded decent amount of coins weekly as well as in the end of the season... Volume 4 aka old book Volume 2 and Offals are the most important ones so you should get those first imo...
  8. Server crash / Mass DC again

    3rd in 4 days ? I guess their hamsters starved to death... rip
  9. If they've only had made Pet Packs like Sacred Oils, sealed and unsealed/bound to account Pet Pods there wouldn't be any ruckus but its NCWest there has to be one...
  10. Where do you farm Elysian Orb now?

    Spam the duck out of Starstone Mines and beg rng gods that you will get an Elysian Orb from chest