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  1. If that's the case. Then that's like cutting someone and then coming back and stabbing them with something rusty just to let the pain set in and give a reminder that they're not there to be nice.
  2. So, it's been a two weeks. You mentioned an announcement to help the "pains" later this week, on the 14th. We have heard nothing. If you were referring to the event, then it has no helped. It helps very new players slightly. However it isn't permanent. It also doesn't increase gold income in the actual game. The market isn't changing, the only things that are dropping in price are due to trove. Once trove is over they'll jump back up and there still has been no resolution to the gold income to keep up with the market. when you can do pretty much every dungeon and only make (up to) 100g/day without mindless farming for small gold splits (which isn't new gold, just gold transferring from one player to another). Basically the problem isn't resolved. the value of gold is still low for how difficult it is to get and does not appear to be increasing. As someone whos stuck in the vt starter gear (r6, true soul. etc.) It's borderline impossible to increase my gear at a reasonable rate. Making 100g/day when r9 for me would cost nearly 3000g (a month of dailies) that's not including having to bid on items for future upgrades or VT items like badge, soulshields, necklaces. Of course you make a chunk from weeklies, but not a lot. (seems to be around 150g/character atm). The problem is persisting, we were told to expect something and we're still waiting for this supposed "announcement"
  3. Where do I get Chromatic Thread??

    Daily dash and HM store is about all it's from.. Trove probably gives it as well, but I can't see it being worth to farm trove for it.
  4. Only reason I feel they won't is because for some classes, EL ring is BiS. Or damn near close to it. Gloves are still BiS, and they're all BIS for PvP. So from a PvE perspective, there isn't much reason not to make it 10 at this point. From a PvP perspective, it just makes it more accessible, which I think they should do, but some might see it differently.
  5. Those places barely drop anything anymore. Very few materials, useless weapons, and outdated accessories you use just to break through starter legendary jewelry.
  6. Blade Dancer Simple Mode

    Isn't this kind of your fault for not stopping and preparing ahead of time? I never have these issues on my BD, if I die it's because I do something stupid that I know I shouldn't have. As for the rest of the topic, I whole heartedly agree. Ever done koldrak with simple mode on? It kills me everytime. For wind bd, until new bracelet is out (even when it is out, majority of the player base will not have it for possibly months.) X is both lightning and wind's skill for bracelet proc, as tiger is weaker on wind beyond MSP8. This being said, it ruins our rotation and not only that. It kill us on a constant basis or just outright makes us wait up to 5+ seconds doing literally nothing but left click for basic attack until our Z is off CD since both styles use that in their rotation with X for max dps output. Even with simple mode lowering our DPS, it is even my biggest complaint. My biggest complaint is the fact it's on an approach skill which I stated above, kills us A LOT.
  7. Would be nice. While they're at it it'd be nice if they added at least a 100 run achieve for SST bracelet. Kind of hopeful on that one though. Overall I'd just prefer them re-adding dragon boxes.
  8. I love bns and all but...

    never knew waiting before entering removed that. That's good to know.
  9. They mentioned Celestial basin for getting void fragments, you don't need a lot of them. you get enough to get you to stage 3 from story and I believe stage 6+ it's better to just get the weapon from the respective dungeons (or buy them from CB merchant for fairly cheap.) instead of using void fragments. Aside from upgrading soul, you really do not need that many. sea glass seems fairly useless, Most classes won't have a use for them and the ones that do need fairly few. I recall my friend mentioning everyone will need 40~ or so for something later on. I feel it shouldn't be added to Daily challenge and instead, make it more consistent to appear in end-game dungeons. Blood pearl seems much rarer and it's really only used for max-tier items (tiger/dragon soul and storm dragon). However, you need a lot of them for either of those. 92 for soul and dunno about the weapon. Even with it occasionally appearing in daily challenge I feel it'll only be 1 at a time, so maybe 1 a week. Making it take nearly 2 years to get the 92 you need from Daily Challenge alone.
  10. I agree with making it 100% chance, but imo PTS shouldn't drop below 200-250g, As we already covered it's used in nearly every item when you start getting into the mid-game range, It's quite costly, but as things progress I feel the elements/jewels, or even the required materials should be the problem. However, the only thing that's proven to the be the issue is just the RNG of getting a PTS or shelling out 400-440g+ for each PTS. This wouldn't be as much of an issue if someone that can do nearly every dungeon didn't make less than 100g/day off dailies. just for the PTS alone, nothing else. it'd take nearly 2 weeks to buy 2 of them. And once again, as stated earlier. EVERYTHING mid-level uses it, and a lot of them. Look at VT necklace for example, I hear it's worse until stage 10 than stage 10 oath. Oath takes only 1-2k gold after jewel costs. Where as VT necklace takes nearly 10k gold after jewel cost. 7k-8k coming strictly from PTS.
  11. Concentration Stat - Do we really need it?

    The stat actually seems quite useful, unfortunately I know of no way to increase it. I feel like it's also worth noting that there seem to be more stats planned on the future based on SandStorm Temple's soul shield. BnsTree doesn't seem to show it, but on release it said something like... "charm resistance". Could be referring to a new stat we may get or it was just an error at the time of release.