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  1. Can some change the tombstone tab back

    Balance can be achieved by boosting other classes and other aspects. Not via eliminating choices, nerfing, forcing additional requirements before skills usage, etc. In turn, doing boosting will help other classes (non-gunner) as they get the stats/help/etc they really need and been asking for. In terms of party performance, this will be a big help as we got different classes doing their part even better with the boosts. Even bigger effect is during parties against the world bosses. Example, party's tank boosted to be able to tank longer, warlock able to cast faster, etc. Elimination of choices, nerfing, etc causes rot to every job class. Sure, it may start small and slow ,like an additional button and small nerf. Yet this will snowball as more of these downgrades continue to be added. Example, overwatch mercy got skill nerfed, and as small downgrades continued, the healer class suffer, to the point that nerfing has become a famous meme, even for other job classes and games. Yes, closed development is present thus it is our part as end users to share our experiences. As you stated, the devs didn't perfectly catch the issues before release thus we have to share this issue of this topic. The adjustment was suppose to only effect PVP but ended up effecting PVE as well. If it was an ignorable issue, the gunners wouldn't be saying anything about it. True everything isn't and cannot designed just around bullet storm. Yet it can also be the other way round where bullet storm and other gunner skills are designed and must be present to help the party too. Like how E helps transport gunners to steam switches to trigger for the Gatling gun boss, or to a downed teamed member needing chi assist. Even 2 which helps in those bosses and mobs which love to jump stun the party. Bullet storm used to allow us to use E to get to a mob, bullet storm, use E again and do the same with other mobs at another side. Not possible with the 4 now. Gunner's C is AOE but it's static and only at a small area. The AOE skills from different job classes which you have stated are of great importance as we are dependent on them too. Gunners and non-gunners need to take turns on casting these mob control skills due to cool down, especially for bosses which like to rapid spawn mobs. As stated before, we got Alpha Call but it won't restore all skills. Gunners need the skill set of their own as well as of other classes. Yes, there are other ways but having tombstone as an additional help and contribution does make things smoother. It's like having a secondary weapon when the primary weapon is empty. Edit: Sorry, it took some time to gather the "finding ways to make things work instead of asking for reversion" which we did before: 1. Emailed Support regarding the Ping issue. Max from Tech Support replied that he couldnt assist us. 2. Played at other locations. We tried different cybercafes, houses, etc but Ping is still diminishing our shadow gunners. 3. Brought PCs to a party's business office to and test run. Same issue. 4. Did some research on gunners and found out Fire Gunners don't suffer from the Ping issue as much. 5. Shadow gunners changed their elements to fire element due to the ping issue. Some left though for other job class and games as they didn't like the issue. 6. Took lots of trial and error to get our guys back up to performance. Plenty times, we do die as we hadn't got used to fire gunner and still unconciously pressing shadow gunner combos. 7. Change of tactics to fit the new fire gunner squad. Had to introduce this new tactic and combat rules to newbies too, That was one hell of a mess to both the newbies and experienced. Some rage quit but some stayed. 8. Fire gunner squad now ready to assisit other job class as well as newbies. ....And after the update: a. Bullet storm couldn't be activated via Tab + F. We had to search for hours in youtube, forums, google,etc on whether Bullet Storm disappeared or not. Worst was the change for 2 was shown in the Hong Moon Training room but we couldn't find any about bulletstorm thus suspicions that Gunner is being slowly cancelled / nerfed. b. Finally found the new requirement of needing skill 4 to target (by accident). Trying to not forget to input 4 for bullet storm was another hell to handle. Had to do even further testing on when and how the new bullet storm can be used. c. Had to revise the tactics again. Not too many were happy (both gunners and non-gunners) about this and left, deciding to disband the allocated funds we collected for premium membership to buy other stuff from other games (CSGo skins, Dota stuff,etc). Why bother to play further or even pay for premium when we already tried different methods to fix this. ...So there went half my party, going back to RB (further pulled by new zombie mode), CSgo, Overwatch, Dota,etc. Thank you.
  2. Can some change the tombstone tab back

    Hi Racing Wind, thanks for understanding. In regards to how this change prevents us from doing content, it will actually effect all race and classes. Bullet storm was made by developers, not the community. That itself is already a big concern. There has to be a reason this job class and skill was made and most importantly, the surrounding hidden and future update content around gunner and our skills which are currently kept from us all. Sure, there are Korean servers and news with up-to-date info. But how about even further in the future? Especially things kept hidden in the preps. We call this Pandora's box. There are monsters, quests, tactics etc that were already planned/created/approved for the gunslinger class to assist in before the update and even before launch/reveal of gunslinger class. The developers won't be just throwing away their hard work. It would be a loss to their content and the high cost involved in development. Further tweaking of these would just be a rush to the due date line as well as higher cost as they'd need employees to focus on the changes instead of new content. It just takes a Pandora (event, deadline, company situation, etc) to open the Pandora box and all this hidden content to ambush us of all races, jobclass, etc. The scarier part of the Pandora Box is that there was suppose to be a "blessing" to balance out all the chaos but it got blocked and sealed in just a minor second from releasing due to the Pandora needing to quickly shut the Box. Thus anything which nerfs/effects/decrease efficiency in our class, would effect other classes. In turn, anything which nerfs/effects/decrease other classes will effect gunners too. The scariest part: There is a Pandora box for every class. We need each other (race/class/ player experience/etc) to prevent this multiple Pandora Boxes when they are released. Thank you.
  3. Can some change the tombstone tab back

    Racing Wing, good day. Thanks for your reply. Hope this helps. It's good to hear that your 300 ms isn't an issue for you. Unfortunately, while playing with friends in location of shared network (cybercafe, friends' places, computer club, our usual group together, etc) , the effect of the Ping is high, especially when we have multiple parties joining us too. (Trying to get more people to play with us. The more, the merrier.) Used to be able to bullet strong even while lags (without skill 4), thus sprayed and prayed in the past, saving the party. Thinning out the hp of the boss is important as hp of bosses can range up to the millions. Kindly understand that the new players joining us are still learning, consisting of gunner and non-gunner classes, some even just 2 weeks in play, with new guys/gals coming and leaving. They're not wrong, just new, so we need to give the new players a chance by carrying them. As a gunner, I will let my party focus on the boss. My fire squad of gunners will clear out the boss' mobs/traps/units as support gunners (we're not lone rangers) , allowing the rest to focus on the boss. Only time my fire squad will proceed back to the boss is when we're sure the mobs are gone. Yes, not all skills will reset with Alpha call, but having the effected skills being completely cooled off allows a more efficient party performance. Sometimes my party members will call out for Alpha Call verbally as they sit beside me in the cybercafe/club/etc), so I will give it to them. In regards to quests/raids/etc, we also try to play together. There can be times when our new members (and even experienced members) can make mistakes and its normal, thus we try to protect one another. Gunner class helps protect our players as escorts and ambushes, since the long range helps us get to the enemies better. Once the new players are familiar with combat, control, etc, we let them do as they please and after their raids/etc, they can come back to us for more tips. That's how we keep players. We don't bully or discourage the newbies or other classes. As different classes and races, we work together as teams. About RO, yes, not a single class. As I stated, due to insufficient players thus the more players we can get (yes, we may need to carry them for some duration), the better the survival of Blade and Soul. There are just so many FPS games and players (Overwatch, CSGo, RB6, etc) that its hard to get new players in MMORPG. The gunner class actually interest FPS players to play in this MMORPG. It's this aspect of being able to play as a Gunner in B&S that made many of my FPS colleagues, including myself join and stay in B&S. Hope this helps. Thank you.
  4. 4 tomestone shots? F shot is gone.

    High ping makes it impossible to use 4 within the limited time to target multiple enemies. The ping would also cause your key press to register too late or not register at all. Worst is the lag in high count mobs and large 12 party members is going to cause lag and even freeze, thus cancelling / denying bullet storm. Used to be able to spray and pray even when the game lags, finding the party being still alive fortunately. Thus needing the Tab to be restored as before, removing 4 from being a requirement.
  5. Can some change the tombstone tab back

    Ping and party assist,etc below. High ping makes it impossible to use 4 within the limited time to target multiple enemies. The ping would also cause your key press to register too late or not register at all. Worst is the lag in high count mobs and large 12 party members is going to cause lag and even freeze, thus cancelling / denying bullet storm. Used to be able to spray and pray even when the game lags, finding the party being still alive fortunately. In regards to party assist, we try to thin out the boss HP as much as we can with bullet storm. Even using skill 4 separately to DPS as much as possible, allowing the party to finish off the boss. After bullet storm, it is the gunner's job to keep watch of everyone's skills. When we notice everyone needing to wait for their cool down, we will use our Z skill to remove everyone's cools down. Including carries as I always used the bullet storm as an emergency to protect my low level friends in my party through story quests and dungeons, especially newbies and friends that I'm trying to have them join and even take premium membership (especially since PUBG, Overwatch, Dota 2, CSGO, etc are already a staple) By doing any changes which diminish our performance, it would make it difficult for us to assist in parties, get more players and so forth. In my country, Ragnarok online diminished eventhough it became F2P due to insufficient players. Same could happen to B&S too.
  6. Overpowered Classes

    Nerfing on any class is going to be dangerous to everyone in PVE. In boss raids and dungeons, even the slightest reduction in terms of AP, extra button required, etc is going to effect the party's performance. Remember, a party can't last long if it's just consisting of a single class. Neither can a party be efficient if they are missing a class. We need each other.
  7. TAB change doesnt make sense

    Did some mobs and carries for a few days. Noticed that pressing 4 to target enemies is impossible for high ping. (200ms) Even with V before pressing 4, as certain mobs aren't effected by stun. Yup, bullet storm is the #1 damage source. To me, also for carry and assist. Was using it to help carry low level members in my parties through dungeons and story quests. Unfortunately, even a split second made a difference between their deaths and lives due to 4 and unable to rapid-shotgun more than 3 enemies. My tanks loved my bullet storm as it helped them survive longer as I thinned out the boss HP, allowing the rest of the parties to finish the boss off. Please also note that due to 2 having it's ariel combo forced on C instead of the previous mouse click, C's skill can be accidentally triggered. In addition, Ariel combo cannot be used once C is in cool down, even after 2 is ready. Ariel combo is important to allow low health members to run off while I juggle the boss in the air. Saved the party countless times, especially our tanks who kindly held on to the hairline of death. Kindly assist to revert Bullet Storm and Ariel combo as before the patch. Thank you.