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  1. *looks at new event* Wait. Solo Turtle. I was kidding. Don't go.
  2. Seconding this. While this event does give compensatory prizes like previous events for participating, at least any event that catered to whales was watered down to RNG luck, i.e. the more money you spend, the better your chances of getting something good. This is literally a slap in the face for a lot of the players, with the event basically stating - "Yeah, you could get this, but you're weak. So instead, have this complimentary scratch and sniff sticker saying 'You tried'." This event practically displays itself as a rigged carnival game.
  3. You're completely right on the matter. It's not a significant increase and is actually a waste of an investment, and you're better off putting your money elsewhere like upgrading your soul for the long run. The problem is convincing the rest of the community that information, as a lot of the player-base is spoon-fed with upgrade information that doesn't make sense investing towards, but still lock you out for not having "the highest gear available". To me, how people treat King's Gloves vs [Awk] Starstone gloves is nothing more than a hyped up accessory like how pe
  4. Another fact - Just because servers merged, doesn't mean you're still queuing up with new people in the community. F8 = LFPing with people from "all servers". Just because servers are merged doesn't mean you'll be playing with a bigger population. It just means you'll be seeing more people outside of F8. If NA and EU regions merged, that's a different story.
  5. Wings and for the select few, GC steels are the only ones that whales care for. The other items in there (gems, tt soulshields 1-3, onyx scales and challenger fragments) are pointless.
  6. At level 46, all of your gear is definitely outdated. All gear will be most likely replaced as you follow story until you finish. Lvl 60 booster will give you generally everything you need minus the weapon. You'll need to do the last orange quest to have a more updated weapon.
  7. Pick a class that you like and stick with it. All classes generally have really good damage and survivability. It just comes down to learning them. If you want one for pve strictly for one of the more easier learning curves, then something like Warden's probably your best bet. Great offense, great defense, has a party buff that everyone generally likes. Just expect to tank.
  8. 1) Main quest; follow all yellow arrows, with exceptions of orange quests to be able to do weeklies with other people at the end. 2) Weapons, soulshields and accessories will be provided for you via main quest; no need to divert and buy anything until you absolutely catch up with story. 3) If you want to have in-depth information of classes for PvE/PvP, check out Bns Academy on Discord. When you "finish" story (i.e. can't continue any further; the story stops at Act 9 and will continue to Act 10 in the future), check out EvilDoUsHarm on Youtube, as he usually stays update
  9. It's becoming a well-known fact especially among TT raiders that GC3 does less damage than A9, and is always better to make the jump from A9 -> sky/shadow 6 -> GC6 with a few exceptions to a couple of classes to stay sky/shadow 6. This should not be a problem if you have the GC steels for it, otherwise you're better off sending a ticket and reverting it back to A9, as owning a GC3 serves virtually no purpose than to flex you have a GC weapon minus the improvement.
  10. BDs are known to perform very well undergeared with low ping. Not all classes are born with the same dps having the same gear.
  11. It's nice to see people here more than agreeing that moml = kaari loot only, because orb is used on the second boss. Out of all my times going into cold storage prior to the event, moml did not equate "my loot" from two bosses, especially when the first boss is literally free to fight. I don't care if they come with pitch forks yelling "wth I said moml its mine!". Unless I see an orb used, you're not entitled to a boss's reward that did not exhaust your inventory yet.
  12. Your idea is moot. There are people who know their rotations already, but their class requires more effort than others, e.g. lightning bd vs lightning sin Depending on your class, doing rotations for hours on end in raids like VT & TT (especially for progression) becomes cancer on your keyboard, mouse & hands. #inb4changeclasseslol
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