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  1. Good morning, This is directed at the Blade and Soul staff. I think from my place that there are many voices from LATAM that are not heard. Needs of the players that are not being seen. I think it would be a good time to set up a section for all those LATAM players who cannot express themselves due to the language barrier and finally have a staff horn to listen to them. Regards!
  2. Hallo!, I'm sorry, forget to answer. Kenms that solved my problem. Thank you!
  3. Good morning, Several days ago I try to use the store (F5). But this does not work, it always gives the same message when I look for any material. Is this a game bug or does my client have a problem? From already thank you very much IMG: https://imgur.com/BA8qi4R https://imgur.com/lR78weH https://imgur.com/pLhhpzb
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