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  1. Are we seriously not bothering with fixing this?
  2. how about when you crash mid fight and you get back in.. are forced to load into the lobby, load into the dungeon.. and then find out your reward is gone. This includes raid bosses as well and especially now that the 32 bit clients crashes every 5 min, its just unplayable. Please go on.. tell me its a feature...
  3. All i want is for the game to run properly. All i want is for the game to not cap fps at 25. Can i please just have that or do i have to pay for it ?
  4. what a surprise, the guy who goes an talks down to people who complain about technical problems.. does not have a problem. Coincidence ?.. you tell me
  5. it did not work for me but it doesn't matter.. this is my last month paying for the game. I just cba to talk to GMs and giving them logs, only to have them ask me for even more logs... they are just doing damage control at this point. There is no official post regarding this and no effort made whatsoever to fix it as far as i can see.
  6. I'm having the same issue as well. I've been trying to purchase for 3 days now (both via VISA and paypall ) and both are not working. Visa- > they declined the payment even though my bank approved Paypall ->error 5003 I'm don't see the point in making a ticket, these people clearly do not want my business, if their very own system isn't working for 50% of userbase. Absolutely bad business practice.
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