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  1. Tanking needs to be addressed

    you guys are bumping a thread from early 2018 - Posted March 4, 2018 - most of this has been addressed over time.
  2. stop using logic guys reading is hard and going through patch notes or paying attention to the streams is just beyond useless!
  3. if people learned how to read they'd understand that it said pvp accessories/weapons will be available for reseal at a later date.
  4. Fresh Level 60 and Confused

    I don't know if the forums is the best place to ask but you should probably get into a clan, do your daily challenges, upgrade some gear, do a Skybreak spire or two so you can get your elemental accessories. Here's a discord that will help you a lot for BnS when it comes down to finding raids and a clan. https://discord.gg/bnsrecruitment
  5. GJ with the server merge ncsoft

    shards are bound to account btw, tradable items = bound to account, you can send them to other characters on your account, really innovative idea

    lol, theres a reason you have low dps.... https://i.imgur.com/zlAeUKQ.png
  7. yes, currently blue is dominant on Yura, i suggest going blue for the time being as you can always swap later. as for clan join https://discord.gg/bnsrecruitment and you can find one that fits you there. Hope this helped.
  8. Low Gear Ice SF Den Run

    Same thing as my Low Geared Circle of Sundering run but with adequate gear to clear the dungeon. Trying to show lower geared players that it is possible to clear the higher tier dungeons such as "Den Of the Ancients" and trying to spark some inspiration to at least try. Thanks for watching if you did, the first 2 bosses were pretty easy about 1 try each but mao herself took about 2 hours with my lack of experience with Soul Fighter and simple mistakes being made.
  9. got to around 1700 last season. Don't really play arena anymore due to me seeing it as boring and its kind of dead on NA anyway, Like i said, i dont disagree with all of your remarks about the class, you probably know more about it in an arena setting and i respect that. I looked more into it as gunner would be in arena considering no gear matters at all and I agree with most of what you said. It's possibly one of the weakest classes in Arena due to the iframe nerfs alone.
  10. I know how to play gunner, it's not an overly hard class to learn. Maybe its not insanely strong in arena I was over exaggerating but its not completely trash either. The class is still strong in means of being a glass cannon. Like i said before i dont agree with all the nerfs that the class has gotten but if they were needed then i guess they were needed. I PERSONALLY dont rank the class bottom tier because i know it can fight a good amount of the classes well enough if you're a good player.
  11. ***Arena*** There's like 7 gunners that have achieved Platinum ranking this season what are you talking about, the class is insanely strong. Play smart and wait for hooks or do cheese play and rush with a KD and bulletstorm, Check out dim_3d on twitch if you really think gunner is that busted. Reload as soon as the fight starts? you get 2 hooks right at the start... ***Battlegrounds*** Bulletstorm isnt useless in 6v6 first of all if you understood how to use it, and second of all gunner has an insane damage output without it anyway, Get your aransu badge, press v, and shred through most of the defensive skills while dealing MASSIVE damage at the same time. If you're resorting to only hooks to get away or outplay other classes you're not playing gunner right. Hook management should be your main concern in 6v6 aside from staying alive, spamming the ability with no other defensive skills up just means you don't know how to play the class. Also capitalizing on your initial CC is the point. You also get 5 cc's overall so I don't see why you're unable to fight back, Haze bomb breaks defense and dazes, You have your 1-F combo which can kd/stun or just your Counter itself which stuns if an enemy hits into it. Your 2 which can apply all types of CC other than knockback and your ricochet which can daze, none of these are hard to use or proc. I understand other classes are stronger in some categories but gunner is nowhere close to low tier in any pvp setting. Also just to add in, every class in this game has outplay potential, Just because you struggle to outplay another class doesn't mean everyone does. I think you need to put time into actually learning the class rather than resorting to the handicapped classes for PvP. The only class I'd say thats absolutely broken is Warden, they have such a small window for CC's to be used that its almost impossible unless you know the timing perfectly, and they deal insane damage. I don't personally agree with the hook change but it didn't completely screw the class over altogether, just because you're used to spamming hooks with no punishment in a PvP setting doesn't mean that it killed the class. Gunner is a Glass Cannon. I'm only dragon forge 1 and I can compete with some pretty high geared/skilled players. Learn the class more before you trash on it. Still one of the best PvE classes and holds top 3 for DPS. All of these "nerfs" you're speaking of were needed, Fire gunner is still one of the top DPS in Korea right now and that doesn't look like its changing any time soon. If for some reason you wish to argue about this anymore link your main account and we'll see just how much you really seem to know about high geared gunners.
  12. Hello, if anyone was interested here is my low gear shadow gunner cos run. Hopefully this might give some of the lower geared players some inspiration to attempt Circle Of Sundering. You only need around 75-80k sustained damage to beat it I recommend trying to push a little more before you attempt but I wish the best of luck to you if you do try. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkgygXAa2ZI Thanks for watching, Hope you enjoyed.
  13. Circle of _Suffering_ ?

    then play for fun? why quit a game if you enjoy it because you cant overcome an obstacle in it? Circle Of Sundering is one of the hardest dungeons in the game. Just because you cant complete it at the moment doesn't mean you wont ever complete it. The bracelet is nice but its not required. I've seen people with way higher gear than you not have it. If you truly enjoy the game and want to progress as a player and don't have the patience or as you said "skills" for CoS then you can always work on something else. My suggestions on what to work on would be: Get your Kings Gloves Get your Permafrost ring Get your True Hongmoon Heart (not the True Virtuous Heart just the True Hongmoon Heart) Get your full VT set soul shield You could also upgrade your soul to True Cosmic but thats a lot of Oils and a Lot of gold, i suggest doing that only if you have the funds to do it, i wouldnt stress over it immediately Then after you feel that you've progressed as a player try again. Also if you haven't get in a raid group for VT and stuff, there is a few things in VT that might help you evolve your skills past what they are now. TL;DR - if you have fun doing something and cant overcome one thing in that something that doesn't mean that quitting is the answer. You will get it eventually but maybe you're just not ready for it in a different sense that doesn't include gear.
  14. Circle of _Suffering_ ?

    Hey brother, If it helps i can record one of my runs with one of my low gear characters so you can try to understand the bosses better if you're interested? I run CoS on these 2 characters just tell me if you'd like me to record it and I will. https://bnstree.com/character/na/sug madic https://bnstree.com/character/na/gks
  15. Hong bug

    Hey is it possible to get this ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ fixed any time soon? It's happened to me 3 times in a row just trying to clear on my low geared destroyer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEYO9UIrk5g