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  1. Fix Panda Cache Village

    I just don't believe the concept of placing a PvP zone of access inside of a PvE farming zone is wise. Majority of people are in MF to farm for PvE things. If an instance is going to spawn in a PvE zone, keep it PvE. Mixing PvP into the fray can cause confusion and agitation. I'd be more fine with the idea that high gear/whales will be faster at killing things than a lower gear, but at LEAST they can't punish you for being lower gear and killing you on sight while still getting to keep everything for themselves. If I can farm less in a peaceful manner, and not have to worry about whales waltzing in and one shotting both me AND the mobs for the loot, then fine. But I don't need moments where I load in, kill a few of the mobs, get a small portion of loot, and then DIE 'cuz some chump decided to flex his credit card.
  2. Fix Panda Cache Village

    Here's my little take on the topic: remove PvP option for Panda Cache Village. While farming for my quests I got a Panda spawn and killed it, which opened the portal. Last thing I need is a whale coming into the portal and killing me AND everything inside to take for themselves, when they didn't spawn the portal, or perhaps even give any attempt at it. Make Panda Cache Village like you did with the Celestial Basin Treasure Room. With CB, If you get a key, YOU get to have what's inside of the room. For this, if YOU spawn the portal, YOU get to kill and have what's inside. No other players, no PvP or loot stealing. In a party when you spawned it? Your party can join and loot with you. Bidding on loot can potentially still stay. But REMOVE PvP and open access to something someone else spawned. The fact that it's already a low rate of spawning a Panda, killing it, and getting the portal, why should that be punished by someone else who has more gear and one shots you, while getting all the loot while you're forced to respawn back at the main area? It isn't a healthy addition to the game. One by one, things like this need to be fixed.
  3. Hong Nerf

    You say that as if I purposely hit the shield. I don't. If I did hit it, it was on accident. I didn't know it makes more AoE attacks occur. If I did know beforehand, I'd be even more careful about NOT hitting the shield.
  4. Hong Nerf

    Second off I think it'd be better if one is to post tips or words of encouragement to others instead of saying "It's ez". You really aren't clarifying or helping anything, just brandishing that you hold a superiority in the "skill" to do what someone else can't.
  5. Hong Nerf

    Cor it's one thing to know not to hit into a shield because it's a shield: it blocks attacks. I'm smart enough to realize that. But not everyone knows that the shield adds more attacks to the multiple strikes.
  6. Hong Nerf

    Well one part of that is new to me: from videos and people I've talked to, I didn't know striking the shield was what caused more room attacks.
  7. Hong Nerf

    I'm well aware of his mechanics, and I know what to do. I only have problems with how horribly lethal his stacks are because of healing decrease and that his '5 hit AoE' can extend to 10 hits instead. I'm a KFM, and even with my iFrames I cannot survive that.
  8. Hong Nerf

    Let's be honest: Master Hong is a pain in the ass to fight and requires either great gear to burn, or patience and absolute precision to fight against. However regardless of how much you can try to perfect against him, he's still tedious. I'll give reasons why: First off, his debuff stacks. I can understand it being a DoT like Yunsang, however: of how horribly broken it's healing decrease is when you have just 2 stacks is terrible to cope with, for anyone. We don't need another Rupture. Second, his room AoE when he says "Stay Present!": You've designed it to go up to 10 strikes..? Really? I want you to clarify how someone is supposed to survive that, even if you're a sheath class. If anything, make the maximum amount 5 strikes, because anything higher is pretty much a death warrant. Third, of how horrible it is to fight against his instant death spaces he places across the room: I already know how to counter it, yes; you go to the middle of where the previous deathzone is so you don't overwhelm yourself with another one. Even so, it's something you should touch up on. It's not fun getting caught in the middle of having 1/15 space left of the arena when he's making more death zones. I get it, he's an endgame boss for a powerful bracelet item drop, and other good stuff. Doesn't mean you should make it so mortifying.
  9. Cosmetic Drop Rates

    I feel many people can come to agree the tediousness of trying to grind for certain cosmetics in the game. Of what I know, outfits such as Obsidian Serpent, Enchanting Seductress/Temptress Tickets, Wind/Thunder God Auras and Horns, and many more from different dungeons, boxes, etc. For countless people it can come to take such a long, disgruntling time to farm for such cosmetics. Some people don't have the determination, the time, or even the gear to farm for some cosmetics. But even if that isn't the case, it comes down to one thing: RNG. I can personally feel the RNG Drop Rate of certain outfits in dungeons is rather poor, making it seem as if the item doesn't even exist. Farm and farm all you want, it just won't seem to show up for you. Or for many others, apparently. I believe that the percentage rates on certain outfits in dungeons and whatnot needs to be increased, to a more fair extent. I've seen messages of people taking hundreds of tries for just one drop of ANYTHING good from Shadowstrike. That shouldn't be the case! There are people in the game (such as myself) who enjoy collecting cosmetics, or even achievements. Some dungeons that drop cosmetics tend to... take a while to do one run in. For some dungeons, it includes: NPC commentary, NPC escorting, and I'm sure there's others that can be named. I just know that I'm not alone in the frustration of trying to get these nice things, but to be halted from weariness of how repetitive it can be, and how time consuming it can become. I can understand taking your time to obtain powerful gear, farming for a good amount of gold, for ranks of arena, to gain skill over time, to learn your class. But to spend several days trying to get a MASK? An OUTFIT? That shouldn't be the case. I understand it's an MMORPG game, and such things are supposed to be farmed for, but it shouldn't be so tedious and nerve gnawing to try and get a different look. If I can go down to Walmart to buy a nice looking shirt that suits my tastes, I feel the droprate percentage for cosmetics from plenty of various dungeons could be increased more comfortably. Whether it be low level or high level dungeons, taking hours upon hours to get that one cosmetic, it shouldn't be a case. I do hope others can agree with me on this, it's just so bothersome, and can become more problematic when you can't do much about it.