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  1. I did get the free f10 outfit at the end of the tournament. I also managed to redeem codes during it.
  2. Si no, envia un ticket pidiendo que te den un nuevo PIN :/
  3. Buying 56 Transformation Stones

    Or you can make them yourself, or go to MP e.e
  4. Actually it would be fun. Adding a daily quest to do with your couple. Accepting same gender couples (since well, it's hard to find males... xD) An option to insta ress your mate. An option to summon your mate to your location. And one extra slot for the "wedding ring" that levels up doing things together (just make it cool with no stats) As it levels you gain skills, like the ress, the summon, special clothes for married... It would be fun. Nothing that is a game changer tho, more like for the "roleplay" and fun. =)
  5. I'm back, some questions.

    Spaniard here, Are you EU or NA? Second of all, welcome back. All of the classes are guided by the hongmoon skills, so yeah, basically all of them are like "not brute force" except, I would say, destroyer and KFM. But if you like flower-power, summoner is your thing. The Gunslinger is pretty much OP. You kill everything with RMB :) What issue? PVP is broken right now. You can only do BG if you have full set of PVP (else you will get flamed). 6vs6 is a melting forge, where you are also gear dependant. =) as for the spanish guild, I don't know, I just play with my friends. Anything just ask =)
  6. Female lyn pony tail Hairstyle

    I so want the nine tails on my main... I really hope they do an appearance coupon event if they are adding new styles. Atleast they should :(!
  7. I will check the belt, but I think it will be the last on my To-Do list. Thanks for the info again!! I'm guessing upgrading that gear is a must-do or not worth? Like the elemental ring/earring. Or better keep it untill the next ones?
  8. Okay! Thank you! I will follow that then :)!!
  9. Oh, thank you for the good answer!! The only thing that looks unclear to me is the accsories. Here, have my bns tree: https://bnstree.com/character/eu/Yu Yanni Because the Oathbreaker belt has been better than the ones from the story to me and I kept it. So I'm now confused if the purple ones are a "cheap" easy alternative untill gearing up, or they are better. I will check for the Badge and everything! Thanks a lot! I appreciate it :)
  10. Hello, I'm a returning player, and I did a lot of research (by a lot I mean AAAA LOOOT) and I can't seem to put everything together. Can someone please help me and correct me if I'm wrong on what I am stating, please? First of all I'm a summoner, played over the 50 patch and just returned. I finished the story-quest (all yellow, prepared all the pre-quests for raids, and purple). And Started gearing. Weapon - You do get one from the story quest with 3 gem slots, but after checking, I discovered that I can buy a chest at Grand Harvest Square for Naryu coins which will give you random gem slots. I did with all my tokens and the max I got was 5 slots, which I tought would be okay, so after that I started leveling it up. - As the old system, the only way to improve is to level it up. TOTALLY recommend to other newbies to know that. OPENING SLOTS IS VERY EXPENSIVE, so try to get atleast 5 slots with this method. (I went with baleful because internet told me so). Sould Shield - The story gives a decent one. I readed that the next step is Raven - (or try and get battleground, since it has a little better stats) - TODAY BG is dead, so I will stick with that one + 3 raven from the orange quest. (Is there any guide for the best roll / stats? - after Raven you can upgrade it with the soul wardens one as before) and be good to go. ACCESORIES: I need to farm dungeons untill I get all the orange ones and upgrade them, right? I also saw theres elemental ones. What path is better? (Always talking PVE). As for the jewel elements I already found you have to buy them from DE which is expensive and people complains about. For farming SS / and materials I already found some guides. Mushin is still the same? Any recommendations on what to do next A part from getting the orange accesories and level up my accs & weapon / soul / everything? Also, I do not understand the whole BADGE thingy, where do you get it? Thanks in advance for all the help. =)