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  1. So i mean its okay for new Players or Players that not reach max Stage alrd but what is with the old Player that alrd got Starcross +11 or with Player that Upgrade Skystealer Gear on +20 in the past? I Mean let us talk abt.. you change the Gold cost for SKystealer Gear and maybe 1 Upgrade cost then 7k Gold that mean from +11 Skystealer to +20 Skystealer you need 9 Upgrade a 7k Gold means you need 63k Gold from +11 to +20 and after that you change it to Starcross+16 in the past the Playerbase that alrd got +20 Skystealer Gear used for some Upgrade´s from +19 to +20 Skystealer over 100k Gol
  2. dont missunderstand him it will anyway be RNG but you have an 100% Milestone then like Starcross now.. dont tell me you think they would change the Accesoires like " i can use gold for 100% Upgrade " xD never happened in BNS since 2016 so dont missunderstand this
  3. -The enchantment probability for Skystealer accessories and the True Skystealer Ring has been changed to 100% for all enchantment levels. The enchantment costs were also increased accordingly. This is specific to that tier or accessory. i think you mean the Milestone System "100%" add´s too Skystealer accesoires + True Skystealer ring right? @Green Storm
  4. @Green Storm -You delete the possibility to drop Sterling Scales/Fragments in any case ( its normal cuz Korea can only get this Item in there Cash Shop Heart is truly Pay2Win in Korea but that doesnt matter cuz we got it nowhere means maybe you put it back as demonsbane Drop or you also put this Item in our Cash Shop but remember Korea can get it every day every Amount so take care what you do with this Item -Ebondrake Lair Normal Mode Dungeon HP are buggy both Bosses got the same HP as Easy Mode -When you want use a picture for F2 Character po
  5. @Green Storm - FoE Dungeon Weapons of some Classes still invisible - The "Show Loot on the Ground" (bags/chest/treasure/) after Defeating the Boss in Halls of Trials is not correct ( True Accesoires get a bag , Upsurge Essence get a Treasure chest with legy shiny , Crap loot gets a Treasure Chest ) - Heal Tonic Animation in Battleground makes a firework - Heal Tonic Animation on Server and F8 gives you Dumbling Animation -Dumbling gives you Heal Tonic Animation -F2 is still buggy doesnt Show any Systems Stats + New Fused Octa Gems + Poharan Soulshields +
  6. @Green Storm - Friendlist(f4) is not Up2date it needs a relog to see when ppl are offline when they log out until you play ( No Live Friendlist) - F2 Picture/portait Option is buggy 90% from the playerbase Pictures/Portraits will be deleted every night on the same Time 0.00 AM->1.00 AM Every day you habe to put again a New portrait on it.. boring - (Sanctum of the Masters) Talisman Effects will be not displayed correctly on the left Corner above (on top) - Check the Dropscotch Cake Discription says 700 Attack Power you mean 700 Critical.
  7. First of all i play this game since Beta @Green Storm and i thought i would never give my feedback here but i see no end here with all the Bugs.. The more content you release, the more errors creep in and at some point you can't keep up (like now) And it doesn't seem like anything will change in the near future either, you think that the bugs won't bother anyone, but you should really spit your heels and step on the gas here. and make everything a little more player friendly. Don't get me wrong the content that awaits us is more than grandiose but if everything is just bugging around here
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