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  1. Can we have PvE version of Hellion Belt?

    Most likely there will be a pve version later but not yet. KR doesnt have another belt yet so you have to wait.
  2. F2 Funktioniert immer noch nicht =/

    Der Fehler mit den Werten mag behoben sein, allerdings ist F2 allgemein so langsam, dass es nichts bringt. Wenn nichts läd oder es ewig dauert, hat genauso keiner was davon als wenn es überhaupt nicht geht. Auf NA funktioniert es schnell, kann nicht so schwer sein, das auch in EU hinzubekommen.
  3. Blade Dancer's Phantom Grip Secret Technique

    The HM skill for phantom grip is not available. Every class has a skill for which the HM skill is not in the game.
  4. Turm der Unendlichkeit

    Manche AAussagen halte ich für schwer übertrieben, da die Gegner definitiv nicht so extrem Cooldowns ignorieren, dass sie einen Skill mehrfach innerhalb von Sekunden einsetzen. Erzählen immer viele, Video gabs noch nie zu sowas. Die KI ist z.T. broken in ToI, ja, aber die meisten Sachen gehen nunmal so. Sin ist aktuell die lächerliche Gegnerklasse dort. Je nach eigener Klasse kann man es einfach lassen und afk gehen, weil es eh nichts bringt. Alles andere kann man aber mehr oder weniger leicht ausspielen. Wie hoch man dann kommt, hängt natürlich vom Gear ab, aber jemand ohne nennenswertes Gear sollte halt auch nicht erwarten, irgendwo weit oben im Ranking stehen zu können.
  5. Clan Battle the best Meme

    1. Won't stop people from doing it. Many bigger clans got more than 1 alt clan and people will just stay there because it doesnt matter in which clan they are. 2. Then no one will do it because clan crafting is useless in the end. 3. Unfair to prevent lower clans to participate.
  6. Clan Battle the best Meme

    More like "more than 400g within the 2 hours clan pvp is available". You don't even have to be high rank for that and you don't even have to win always. Clan pvp offers so much gold no one can blame people for using that. I know it's ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ for low geared people but there is a fix for it, NC West is just too slow with everything.
  7. Snowball secret technique

    Every class has HM skills which can't be obtained. Yes, the skill for snowball would be good but that#s it. It's in no way important and even if we had it no one with high gear would use it because running snowball build is weaker than the other builds. For 6v6 it would be broken because no one survives 2 snowballs there. In pve it's not needed so who cares?
  8. Geht mal gar nicht

    Stimmt, den kann man nicht direkt da drin werfen. Ok, ist nen Argument.
  9. You don't need it that often. If you do, buy premium.
  10. Having a hard time in F8...

    Yes, and dealing that much more dmg than the "tank" is not hard in F8. Gunner has op burst but against a really good geared and skilled tank it's not enough to steal aggro.
  11. Geht mal gar nicht

    Die Probleme beim Klan-PVP sind ja soweit bekannt. Es werden da auch Änderungen kommen, aber das dauert. Dennoch wundern mich hier einige Sachen. Noch nie von gehört. Gute Spieler spielen meist mit anderen guten zusammen, egal welchen Klans diese eigentlich angehören. Da fällt mir nur der Talisman ein, der nur in Verliesen genutzt werden kann und der hat wirklich 0 Auswirkung auf das PVP. Alles andere kann man dort nutzen.
  12. It depends on how fast you can do things, how much time in general you got and what you need. Because I don't necessarily need every bit gold I can get every day and also not every bit of exp I only do solo stuff (yeti, lair, cs, hm, tower 9-20 and outlaw island) and SM, HH, DD and maybe EC (because it's fast for the gold it gives). These things takes me around 1 hours depending on the F8 groups and result in around 80g without rare drops. Then I do either some naksun runs because I need moonstone crystals or do the same on another char. DT and EL are ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ in terms of gold/time. IF is also not that good. NF is ok but only if it doesn't take too long. In the end you can do many things if it's fast. DT, EC and NF should always be done in hard mode. Normal mode is a waste of time. Everything above is not worth the effort in hard mode unless you got a group which can do it easily and fast.
  13. Upgrading Soul

    Oils are easily aquired from events in such low quantity. First goal should be awakened. The rest is not as helpful as you might think until you got max. soul. Korea got a different upgrade system and upgrades can fail there. It's much better for us. Anyway, I don't know if Korea did change anything regarding soul upgrade there.
  14. Upgrading Soul

    They already did that for us and I don't think they will change it even more because it's already very cheap to get the first true soul. We will probably get a higher soul than now from a story later so I don#t think you can expect any nerf for awhile.
  15. Ticket für 13tes Stockwerk

    Dass Naksun überhaupt Mondsteinkristalle droppt, ist schon ein Luxus, den es in Korea nicht mal gibt. F13 droppt fast immer ein Ticket. Wer nicht täglich viele Runs macht, sollte durch das tägliche Absolvieren von 9-15 ausreichend Tickets anhäufen.
  16. Sounds good for gold sellers but not for gold buyers. Would you sell your coins at such a rate? I would not. You can get gold ingame so easily it would be bullshit to change the rate that high. You would need not even 900 gold to get 8000 coins. 8000 coins are 100 €. How long do you need to get 900 gold? And how long do you have to work for 100 €? If the ingame variant is faster then the rate is bullshit.
  17. That shows how incompetent most people are. VT doesnt need a nerf. It's easy enough after change to 12 man. People even beat it during the one week we got lv. 55+ bosses while being lv. 50 ourself. People do it with alts since many weeks. The mechs aren't that hard. Every single person has just one or two or even none things to do and that's it. It was always good that B&S doesnt have only super easy stuff. They nerfed ALL 6 man dungeon normal modes into the ground because people are complaining all day. And these people also want badges and endgame stuff for free because they can't do a single mechanic.
  18. Frost FM gear questions

    You mentioned the right badges but it's the other way. Undying is the best now and with the next raid ss Limitless will be the best. Well, you don't need it at all costs but you will most likely run out of focus sometimes. 1 beam without HM skill costs 2 focus during cold snap. If it crits you get 1 focus back. You can spam at max. 2.5 times per second. That's 2.5 focus cost per second if everything crits. Cold snap also gives you 3 focus every 2s. Together it means you will lose 1 focus every second if everything crits. For every non-crit you will lose 1 additional focus. If you got a soul which provides 2 focus per second it's not much of a deal. Even with a soul which gives you 1 focus per second it's no problem. But you won't have your soul up always if you need it so you will lose focus. You also can't rely on weapon chi regeneration. So in the end normally you shouldn't run out of focus very fast but you will sooner or later especially if you don't have the gear for high crit rate. No BT earring, higher weapon and not above 55% crit rate from shields will make your crit rate stay not as high as you want it. The Hm skill isn't needed to play the build but sooner or later it's very recommended because spamming beam is where your damage comes from and if you can't do that, well, you know. The next raid ring will remove the focus problem during soulburn because it gives focus every second but everyone who can care about that content won't miss the HM skill for sure.