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  1. Why can't the higher end dungeons all give a dragon certificate? I just came back to the game 2 weeks ago and I love doing pvp and pve, and luckily I have many friends who still play who boosted me up to raven already. But, as being "Hard-Capped" with gear and soulstones being so valuable, I'd like to pvp. I once held Indomitable Will on both my Sin and Warlock back in the 45 and early 50 patch seasons. I quickly farmed ~18k zen beans in a matter of an hour and a half or so, only to find out the only way to get these certificates is IF a daily challenge even offers one.
  2. My BnS won't even start up the x64 bit client. Whenever I hit play now, I'll see client.exe pop up in the task manager, then immediately go away. And on a rare occasion it does load, but my fps caps at 9fps. On x32 bit, I have 120 fps constantly, but anytime fights happen (Especially 12 mans) my screen just freezes and drops to non-exsistant fps, I'm assuming due to playing a x32bit game on a x64 bit OS. Is there any fix for this or still not at all? I've tried most the other fixes people have tried.
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