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  1. Pure White seductress and shadow pheonix. I fell in love the first time i saw them and i wanted them ever since...plz make them come back even if its for a little while :(
  2. Fall Trove 2018

    i didnt know this hairstyle existed but yea its WAY better then the 1 they showed on stream. Whats also bothering me is that the outfits are NOT bount to not gonna buy keys for all my characters only for my main so it sucks my alts wont have these outfits....
  3. Possibly future class?

    Doubt it will happen but would be awesome yes xD. Dont get me wrong im excited about warrior. But im SOOOOO HYPED for archer xD
  4. Costume contest.

    first outfit...kinda looks like it? I think its espacially cause of the same colors. Its not my favorite but is definitely good. As the second one....OMG I KNEW I SAW IT SOMEWHERE. I agree with the others that you could be more carefull with how you say things...sounds harsh. But sorry for the others but that second one is white hot.......i completely agree with you on that one.
  5. Help with prestige points.

    at the time i was 55 hm 11 i think and it was at misty woods so i guess im to high level then.....but ssp is hard tried it once and thought nope XD im hm 13 now with 1100 ap so maybe ill give it another shot.....ty for the info tho :P
  6. 2018 Cosmetic Design Contest

    I really like this. I would've vote for it XD. Costume in this contest are meh...weapon skin I NEED blood thorn or moonlight OMG THERE SO PRETTY.
  7. Help with prestige points.

    Maybe glitch? I'm having this problem as well. No matter how many or where I kill the NPC with prestige points, I'm never getting any points myself. Its very annoying.
  8. Nice Presets

    I would like the preset of the gon :D
  9. More character slots!

    We can get a max of 10 character slots. Im pretty sure when the new class comes out we can have 11 max....why only 11. I have a character for every class but what if i want more :s why not lets say 22 slots per something or infinite slots. I cant be the only 1 who wants more slots right? And i know i can make another account for more characters but i cant send bound to account items to them.