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  1. sry for my bad English in advance i will try to put all the points first : game still pretty healthy with enough population to have decent game play ( finding dungeons and parties for raid ) , many players left ? yes a lot actually reasons will be mentioned . 2nd :: p2w , old days p2w concept wasn't that deep in roots . now the game manegers are chocking players and that done by deleting some materials old options and introducing new one (say they did it to reduce the cost actually they are lying and thinking we are low IQ monkeys ) why ?! because if they had a single look to market they will know that there option are wrong and actually not only increasing the overall cost on us but also bottleneck us . old times ( 2 months ago ) you could go and buy legendary elements now you need to farm additional mats. or the overall cost will be stupid. 3rd:: so the overall effect is to push players toward p2w concept to practice in p2w events to get those legendary or what ever needed mats. to upgrade . 4th :: they always lying in the stream ( they told us about new options of legendary elements/ jewels but never told us about deleting the old one ) / the guy n stream told us new duelist bundle will be better that the old hence the old is better by 300% with same price for both / they keep changing things like crafting to make it not worthy resulting into massive prices increase in the crafted items plus they do some changes killing economy (like legendary things ) without telling u the details resulting into wealth lose to players / nerfing drop rates from dungeons with no telling / introducing stupid events where you lose time for bugged event item not even worth it !! / some not reasonable update like deleting EC / NF /DT hard mode dungeons only to kill players who farm them ( the game trying to chock us as they can so we go p2w ten kill the game and run with the profit ) / last of all introducing idiot "life quietly improvements" like the 600 helion cores for BT accessory which s impossible to be achieved in a logical time period and calling it improvement (simply they make fun of us thinking we are primitive monkeys ) thats all :(
  2. IS THAT A JOKE !!

    i mean they could make a new achievements like 3 of them for each boss . lets say if you did the 2nd boss (which drops the shadow earnings that i want ) 10 times then you can get the earnings from merchant for like "150 feathers +40 Raven soul " thats what should happen for sure //and 14 runs what ?? nothing!! iam almost Arnus 3 with all other VT gears telling me 3 months and half are nothing ?? BT acc drops and every run at least 2 of them are trashed while me sitting there dreaming about the day that the RNG lords (the RNG is seeding RNG not actual one ) will smite me with luck so i get it . and guss what no RNG lords ever exist . "14 runs are next to nothing" ! hahahahahahha note: 14 runs and i didn't see it if i saw it once i will throw 2k gold for it just for the love of god drop once
  3. IS THAT A JOKE !!

    600 cores for BT acc without mentioning the additional special needed acc which for sure drop rate no more than 5% ? i almost gonna hit full gears yet no earnings dropped ever since 14 runs !! and they want me to spend 600 cores for it ! ! ! ? even if they are meant to help you gear alts that will make the joke even darker. Hard mode dungeons ( EC /DT/NF ) are deleted rly ?!! a lot of player are farming these to get some nice dynamic drops (orbs ) which is pretty decent ! and what?! making the higher hard dungeons droping Raven SS !! WOW iam just WOW . what is the source of feed back they are getting and how they think ?!.people are running HM IF/NS/SSM/HH would need Raven SS?? maybe because any lower players who actually need raven SS are not- welcomed to the party or simply if they gather and make a party they will never have enough dps to finish it so lets make a drop that will be 0 helpful impact-full to any creature in the game . i rly don't see any winning-deal here for anybody . and yeah how about the legendary elements/jewels if they are reducing the cost for us why the market price are hitting the sky and why iam farming 20k peaches from CB each day and iam not even close to get enough soul crystals for my upgrades !!! iam playing since the 1st day of the game and sadly i can see the deadly rout they are taking :( sry for my bad English #feels_bad #time_to_find_new_thing_to_play
  4. As you said iam stuck like you and as you iam playing since the 1st day of the game #feelsbad but i will not feel bad when the game shut and the EU NA people lose their jobs . since NCsoft making much more profit for mobile games than the other games they have
  5. wow you are beyond rude . no one cares about how much mats. you have in your inventory . the thing is new player (from now back to 3 months ) . 1-in terms of farming the non_tradable mats. for me as a very old player i have tons and tons of sacred crystals , Elyasin crystals and moonstone crystals but what about the SSC you cant farm SSP and all know why . i farm CB myself and every 100 pouch only drops 1.7 soul crystals in AVG . so its literally wast of time not to mention this wast of time wasn't before . what left ?! farming masts for 3 pouches at best ! how about no and not all players can solo it !! ! farming PVP? guess again its dead 2-so i needed to upgrade leg. bracelet on one of my alts last week requiring more than 100 leg jewels and gusse what no SSC available for use now do the math boi 30 SS * 0.67 *100= yes true about 2k gold + 10 (basic jewel cost) *100 = again right boi its 3k gold !! just nice to the bones (i didn't do the math for sacred orbs since i have alot not like other players who will suffer for it ) . so iam of the type that never never buy any mats. i farm them only as you want me to do and wow 3 weeks iam not even close to any goal that can be achieved long a go with 20g option . so what left since farming SSC (for me not to mention other mats players need) is killing and buying from the market is killing so what to do ? 3-note: each day i farm CB for 3 hours (top geared char. ) do 8-10 masts runs (since actually faster than CB with 80% bonus ) and farm 5-10 wins 1vs1 ! and iam not even close to gear any other char. (i don't like calling them alts since i enjoy all of the char i have ) but w8 w8 w8 do hear those far drums! yes boi you are right !! you can sell 240g for 1.8 HM point each at f9 and w8 till they put some legendary things and buy them . simple and easy one last note : stop thinking about your selfish self and think about new / returning player who don't have ap for SSP / solo masts/ fast CB farming and dont have gold for f9 i think i cleared every part of this sick show and graaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaTZ B&S your game will die soon unless you fire the changes managers and use the KR people to make the actual changes. ty all kisses /sry for my bad English iam not a native speaker
  6. well B$S want the game to die that why
  7. and here some fixes that iam sure will bring the game to the top again : 1-make a such_like soul stone plains zone for extreme high players with good rewards. the story of he zone could be a constant final stand battle between the 2 factions , at the same time return the prestige amount to the old days in SSP , followed with extreme balancing for the 2 factions players counts . 2-starting an open world events like GW2 followed with level , stats adjustments depends on the area level so the players with the same level as the zone dont get punished for that and the strong players have a better stats but "well adjusted " to that zone level . 3-making voice acting for the main hero "your charter" since through the story it looks like silent dump creature . 4-6vs6 is meant to be for top geared players but match making is not balanced they could use some balance depending on MMR like what used in games like lol and dota . 5- making an events actually profitable to all players in all mannars providing all types of mats needed for all players from all levels and make a merchantmen selling it if they scared of tab over crowding . 6-after they bring up the population again they can rework the game on new engine with actual optimizations . and leaving the players with the freedom of choosing which engine they like to play on . 7-most important point is to kick and fire who ever is responsible of the last month events / changes in the game .
  8. hi . sry for my weak English in advance the servers status in EU is pretty good at day time you dont have time to read faction chat actually i feel it is overly crowded. in general the game now is taking a very very dangerous turn to the deepest depths toward dying , the reason of that is simple : actually the game manegers want it to die so they collect the profit and run away . and here is a brief summation of "why" : 1-gold gained by quests from lower dungeons is getting nerfed over and over and over for what reason ?!! for me i think its making it harder for the new comers or new characters and milk the p2w players more by preventing them from grinding every dungeon . 2-Ninja nerfs for drop rates of deffirant things over and over and over . examples : Azura emebr , strong box (gold box ) ( usually every 3-2 runs i got a drop . now i achieved over 120 runs and only 1 drop since 2 weeks ) , so many others you will feel it when happen . 3-chocking old players to push them to the P2W fast lane , best example what happened to legendary elements, jewels . long to come over it but they rly f***** us and they knew that and know that and they don't care . since only the P2W survive , so milking them and running plan is working fine . 4-RNG boxes inside RNG boxes and actually the list never ending . do they have a chance to fix ?!! yes they have a massive chance even to bring more players than before but they need to be smart which seems impossible .
  9. What can we expect from the new patch???

    iam ok with your visions but i would like to add as a shadow gunner main . SHADOW gunner need to be buffed by fixing thing like 4_staged triple shot . and dps version of ulti just pure nothing at all not even creative . fire gunner need to be Nerfed for sure. 3.5k crit def + 220k HP on my BM and got deleted by one tab rotation . #buff_the_weak_useless_shadow_gunner
  10. even if you can farm the powders rly quick the market prices of SS is killing it your total coast for 5 elements option is 29 gold right now and the 30SS option is around 35 gold. bringing back 20G option is a must . and if they want rly to reduce coast they should soldly reduce it like from 20 to 10 or whatever or making actual effective farming method for other requirements like_SSP new area or increasing SSP channels to 10 at least since 2 top geared players can delete all mobs in 2-3 sec . as old player since the release and even before i had never thought about keeping powders since inventory space is needed for new outfits and mats. . in the next coming patch they rly should Compensate the damage they did with greater events , reductions aside of the p2w events . OR well they gonna lose at least 15% of their player base and even more in coming future
  11. -Extreme Faction Imbalances-

    same but here at my server crimson is the dominating faction . cerulean can't do anything and actually never saw one + you can't farm anything there coz mobs are being deleted literally in 0.5 sec max .
  12. i have a suggestion

    lol XD . no of course no this is not Dota or League Of Legends , plus what if your party members are RLY RLY RLY bad you don't have to stick to them . This simply will not work for MMORPG
  13. agree with you since this is the only logical demonstration of the situation . i think the game managers want to kill it or lose any new potential players . take me as example i have all mats for raven +9 but i need about 112 legendary elements how the heck i can farm the SSC for that !!!!!!! for people who saying go to SSP or grind CB or farm masts for SSC . 1st of all grinding is not an option we ll already grinding dungeons so hard that we have no time for sleeping then B&S be like : lets kill them even more . so the only option left is SSP , what about low new ap players so they sink in this mud hole for ever trying to farm SSP and not even close to do enough DPS for any prestige points !! simple understanding for the change : game managers want t o kill it as simple as that . *sry for my bad English