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  1. I'm sorry to hear that :(. I just did it 2 times and been disappointed by losing them. I hope someone from their team really look at this to at least come to a conclusion. The system definitelly can be improved as you a said :)
  2. Yes, but no matter how you look at it, is like losing 60 golds from one hit plus the 1-2golds needed for transmutation. Here is where I mean I don't mind losing some golds. If you have to buy lets say 20 pieces of material you spent like 70 gold or even more depending on the marketplace variations..that's ok since I do it myself, but when it fails is taking the material you spent all those golds on, plus the small fee. Well...I may be insulted later for what I will write, i'll assume it, but I better prefer have a 5 golds fee or 10 on transmutation than lose a the materials :D Anyw
  3. Hello, I think i'm not the only one that has transmuted items for the outfit pouch in transmute tab. I have two accounts and when I first transmuted the acquired fabric for the simple outfit pouch, it took me 3 golds as it failed 3 times. When I went for the high quality pouch ot took my materials as well. Is not fair since the price of the fabric is not that cheap. Besides losing 10 pieces of fabric and the money is a crqp. Since there is the currency exchange I prefer to lose 1-2 or 3 golds than the materials. I'm saying this as on the simple pouch it takes only the golds. I've t
  4. Hi, I know is a late time to reply, but, if you or others have this issue and if ncsoft is launchig, click on repair file and your issue should be solved. This might happen due to outdated drivers of the game as well. To me, this button solved many issues of this game. Hope works for others as well
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