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  1. LAG - RTX series

    Okay, so I've tried FTH, bluetooth and Nvidia, nothing has worked for me yet.. :( I also tried affinity, priority and everything else.
  2. LAG - RTX series

    It doesn't work like that, the RTX card will not apply ray tracing if the game does not support it, so it can't be.
  3. LAG - RTX series

    Yeah I already looked at this post, no luck.. :(
  4. Hello, Since I've upgraded my PC, I've had quite a few issues with my FPS performance. I'm running an average of 70 FPS on lowest settings and on highest settings average FPS is around 40, and I am fairly sure I should be able to run 120 FPS on my rig. My current PC build is: i7 8700k RTX 2080 32 GB of RAM Asus z370-E gaming As you can tell, I should be able to run more than what I currently am. I've made sure all my drivers are up to date, I've reinstalled, repaired and everything else that came to my mind when attempting to troubleshoot. I've also tried prioritizing the game in my task manager, as other posts suggested. However, I believe the issue is related to the RTX drivers, which might be beyond what Nsoft can do themselves. Hope you guys have some ideas on how I can tackle this!