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  1. I hope NCsoft will do this @Babbletr0n @Liinxy plz dont Ignore this and dont say words like " yeah we will do this ofc but please understand and we respect ur patience and stuff like that " Just insta do it next patch , no need to think about that if u r not sure make a vote about that or anything plz
  2. hello there, I am asking whats the diffrence in performance will be in Unreal Engine 4 constant fps ? less ping ? improving more fps ? whats going to change ? fixing some stubid issue that stutter and freeze ? dont laugh at me i have 0 knowledge about programming and stuff
  3. So, what shoul i Do? Dear support can u help me?
  4. U look again and see if there is any exchange tap.....
  5. Man There is no exchange tap in this merchant..... How could i exchange it?
  6. hello there , I am a warlock and I have got the dynasty mystic badge 5 months ago which was for bw I logged in this week and I find that my badge is expired (fine i can exchange it ) I jsut notice that there is no exchange tap in the merchant that they names cuz the duration which I didnt even knwo where it starts or end finsh..... now I have the expired dyansty badge which gives bw and shadow effect well I am a frost player so I want the aransu one jsut like any regualr player I massaged the support to exchange my badge from dynasty to
  7. Hello there , I have a really private issues . so for that i have uninstalled bns 2 months ago , but I really wanna continue that game .... I have 1 favor to say: can u say "Semo wants me to say hi for u " for anyone who is in Trusty Theives clan there is some special members that i want u guys to say hi for them Riunmay (sf) , or Riunara ( summoner) Qiarity or qlarity Razerka kingbrusli supermagiecat charmiegaze zephr GGV Konahn mugurama kensei Tachibane kanade my name in game was "hus
  8. Can u reduce the number of the moonstone crystal to max aransu , well it is 1800 and the only way for f2p to farm moonstones is f15 which is old content already and it takes some time and only gives 1 moonstones crystal with a chance for others , u need moonstone crsytal for a lot of other stuff , what about adding sacred and elysian crystal for it ? And reduce thr ammount of moonstone
  9. comon DD and SM hm is easy , u only need a good wl who can block all and someone who can bait the bomb at the 2nd one ^^ . not even need of whale dps for DD
  10. well the farming system isnt going as good . i have more than 100 runs at all dungeons from sandstorm temple (250+ actually ) till Ebondrake Liar . but after that it is so boring to do anything , u already have more than 100 runs , so u dont need it . also looking at things on kr and at u it maked u feel so pointless, imagine of getting the gilded gem for 1k g ? ( it is 10 k g at kr but it is equalce like 1-2k g at our server ) I mean looking at how easy to get teh things there and how hard to get it here , even if it is the new content , like first time gi
  11. :thenk: , if u r in jinosoyun do u want to come to our raid ? , we are all lower gear than u but we are good on Vt doing it in like 2 hrs from 1-2 , we are willing to try 3 after getting some badges for our memebrs , we dont have bw sb yet . if u want u can contact our raid leader Zeph23#1919 on discord
  12. Mileage system is really bad for us , wasting a lot of time in event dungeons + daily challenges + even used aransu reset for it and it is the same , there is no soul even after 3 times upgrade ! Fix this this Wednesday please !
  13. I wish that the developer team of ncwest read this and do much diffrence to ncwest , not just copying from Kr , i mean they should remove the PTS chance of failure , and dont say that it is already on Kr and if the chance of failure is in Kr , we cant change it on Eu/Na ! , they will just say that and be lazy to not do anything to NCwest and copy and paste kR from 2 months and give it to us . Players way of think in Kr not like in Eu , u must put this in your priority. Also , Kr got a lot of thin
  14. The new dungeon rewards isnt good tbh , the best thing u can get is the material boxes from rewards , no other rewards except if the legendery drops . Short article for a small request . Please fix the dungeons rewards! * note :-they removed the gold box and get the lunar twilight floee instead of it.
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