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  1. Since it's F2P you can just play and find out by yourself. After completing the storyline, which gives you some decent gear and materials to enchant weapon, you'll be 55 hongmoon 8-ish. I'm new so can't compare it to previous state of the game, but I enjoy it and looking for dungeons seems fast enough.
  2. Hello everyone I'm new to this game and have just joined the forum as well, but have a lot of experience with forums (including behind the scenes). For a company with several games that are worth a lot, the forum seems to be quite conservative and outdated. I will give a few suggestions that shouldn't require any major input/work other than perhaps #3 & 4, but will improve QoL. Overview: 1) Adding a suggestion subforum. 2) Adding an introduction subforum. 3) Adding the option to choose avatar (either premade ones like in the Aion forum, or cust
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