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  1. Im out

    Why do you have to make that costume your first priority? Why do you want it NOW? Just play the game normally and eventually you will get it. It's just a costume, among other hundreds. One of the highlights of this game are the cosmetics, and you're mad just because of one? If you play 10 min per day, you will get the costume in 2 months. Big deal, you won't even realize how fast it will pass. Me and 3500 players got ripped off at the last stream , when they posted the codes for those 3 costumes, and still, you don't see 3500 players in the forum bitching about it. It sucks sometimes, but this is not a reason to quit in my opinion. And regarding the lag, it's much better than how it was at release, most definitely. I play at 10 pm GMT +2, and I have no problem with ping, it's constant at 120 ms , compared to the release day when it stayed at 700 ms. Other people in the faction chat said that it is much better, as well. Try to play at that hour, since it's accessible for most people. See if it works.
  2. 1k trove keys and no saving lace?

    With 4400 NCoins I can buy 100 trove keys or about 3700 gold. If the only things I really need are basic materials, elements, jewels, emp stones, PTS and raven king's soul ( no VT materials because I don't need them and because I can hunt for them in next trove ) , would it really be better to trove or just buy the gold? I honestly think it's better to just buy the gold
  3. 1k trove keys and no saving lace?

    I intended to buy 100 key soon, but after seeing so many posts where people show proof that the percentage chance has decreased for better items in this trove, I think I will just buy gold from currency exchange, instead. I think it's a good idea, because I am only at baleful 10 and thus I don't need all those VT materials yet
  4. Need help to choose crafting profession

    Those items exist in the Marketplace thanks to a minority of people who do craft them, so crafting is not dead. If it was, the only way to get them would be through trove or hongmoon store daily rotation ( for some of the items )
  5. For soulstones , I advise you to do the misty woods faction dailies. I know it's really old content, but you can complete all the quests in 15 minutes and you will receive 14 soulstones ( if you skip the pvp quest ). I complete them myself everyday and I've seen other people do them as well. Although, I consider this to be especially useful only if you are new player and don't have enough dps or time for that matter to complete the soulstone plains quests. Many might not agree with this method, but I do ,because I'm a new player and because you're basically getting 10 gold worth of soulstones in 15 min, which is equivalent or in many cases even more than what you get from daily dungeon quests.