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    With the horns you can get from tomb of exiles you can turn it in @ hogstead hamlet for a non daily scroll which offers 200 zen win or lose that your able to use back 2 back til you run out of them, however due to thanksgiving event taking over that wheel your currently unable to obtain them. You can also use the pohran perfume in grand harvest square for a daily scroll that offers a little more zen which you do have to win I believe it was 2-3 fights, same scroll is offered with the other item you can gain from running bloodshade harbor. There is another chance at a scroll doing naryu lab or nexus I think it was which might be the weekly scroll but I'm unable to confirm that as I have yet to receive one from the box that drops (Special invite to dragonscale arena). It requires a lot of items to get the scrolls as most of the time you get Naryu coin / silver but I average about 40 scrolls from 400-500 horns (before update).

    You know you can also craft bloodstone and fragments as well? Also, you can turn in material at certain wheels for a arena invite scroll which in turn gets you even more zen. Do you guys not research things before you post or complain? Also, for others who look at this and didn't know you can craft them. Radiant ring nets you 8 bloodstone for 50g and bound materials which in turn if you need fragments for skills you can salvage said bloodstone for 80 fragments. Small price to pay to upgrade faster or not do arena til you have your gear but its a option.
  3. Not to step on any opinion but even as a free player you have access to what 2 character slots without buying more in which case you could level up a character to level 11, craft you own dumplings and mail them, only needing to supply it with materials and gold to level up said craft which can be done under 15g and like a weeks worth of time? Always be prepared.
  4. Free up some wep skins for 2019?

    Personally I think we should be able to buy most if not all of the weapons we get from story for naryu coin again in case we discarded or otherwise misplaced them. (example SaberSteel Razor).
  5. update on housing and mount please

    Honestly, I don't see really how mounts would work or could work given the closed zones, windwalking. Housing.. maybe offer that not personal but maybe for clans to build and give bonuses much like the clan battle rankings or along those lines. Add in the Mentor Feature might also, add perks to the house system.
  6. I'm sorry I might be a little different then most of you guys but why can't you just be happy you get something? I hear people complaining constantly about crap and its like just be happy you have X event or in this case daily dash at all. I've played other games that didn't have events very often and honestly people didn't complain as much as this community does.
  7. So bns gonna act as if there's no warden nerf

    And the same was said when gunners first got added and I have a strong feeling when archer gets released we'll see another topic about them. It all gets balanced out in time.

    Not sure on what server, faction your talkin about but I can tell you point blank. My clan on Zulia "Death Happens", is always willing to help new players. We're the Cerulean Order side. Just send me a friend request and we'll get you on your way the correct way just don't act entitled, be active. As for random parties on F8, you will always run into helpful players but also complete ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤. Side note about the peaches and starter gear. You can average if you focus on just peaches about 4,000 a hour if your good not 6 months. For the Dead refuse to die quest you can handle it straight out of story since you basically get a free stage 9 weapon and you can buy the hollow accessories. As for the other dungeon series to unlock the beads for the unrefined bracelet we can help carry you to get that done no issues but you will be joining our discord in order to learn the mechs even though most players tend to skip them nowadays. Anyways, I'm normally on all of my characters for faction and such so pick one and friend it. takahashi
  9. Gear Guide for Frost WARDEN?

    Gearing for Frost is pretty forward for the most part while some decide to go another route as far as weapon. Personally, I say if your frost your the best possible spec for tanking due to sentry mode. You should of course have threat on as a tank your job is to keep the enemy off the party regardless of their damage so they can kill it while you take little to no damage. That is why my personal gear choice is this. Frost elemental ring and earring (Desolate Tomb / Naryu Sanctum) until you can get the ones from Skybreak Spire (BT), Necklace use Oath Necklace until you can get the necklace from VT (or go the faded aransu / aransu prism route to unlock it which also applies to the skybreak spire accessories). Legendary belt from Basin until Horizon Belt (Hellion core). King Gloves (Use Starstone Mines Gloves til then). Weapon wise go with Seraph to Riftwalk to Storm Dragon. Many players go with Raven and Aransu which I can't deny that your damage will be a bit less then those players but your a tank so your damage and threat matters. The only time to really go Damage weapon is if you have the full VT Soul Shield, as your main form of tanking is blade ward and you need it to have a low cooldown to make tanking easier and more stable. As for badges you can use Pulse which I use on mine, and primal force / courage merge for soul badge. As for the skill specs, everything that can be on threat do so. your E should be on move 2, rest on move 1 (unless you can spec threat). 25 points into threat HM. Your choice on if you go 10-20 in defense, rest in offense. Oh and also have 1 character do soul warden craft and make your own masterwork shield base (the bound kind - soo much cheaper) and add critical to each one of your soulshield parts prefer 5 raven / 3 vt or full vt.
  10. please add banned feature on cross dungeon server

    Actually a simple solution to this would be to have the block feature well block players from joining the lobbies you make. Say as a example, Player A made and lobby then Player B came along, started spewing hateful messages or anything that people really shouldn't have to tolerate. Player A blocks the person as he would anyone else, however now the blocked player B is unable to join any lobby Player A is apart of or creates. Some of course could abuse this by blocking random players they deem not worthy to run dungeons with but at the same time it will also cut out a lot of the harassment that players need to endure because support may find its not bad enough to consider a ban for.
  11. That comes hand in hand with the awakening skill update unless they break the update up in 2 parts. You will no longer have elements such as fire, shadow, frost. Everything will be converted into 1 "Element Power". Accessories and such will still be based on builds so you will still need to plan accordingly. Also, its not exactly a marketing thing when everything they sell minus outfits / weapon skins of course can be obtained by normal means. 120 Solar Energy is equal to 1 Hexagonal Elemental Gem. Trove and such are there to offer a shortcut for players which yes in turn makes the company money.
  12. Question about 8 gems slots

    I got a 7th slot unlocked via upgrade so its just like normal, chance for it.
  13. Can we get Class Specializations sooner?

    I for one don't care either way if it gets released early or delayed none of my mains that I play are broken in the awakening patch so please don't assume. I was merely stating my opinion as to why it was delayed. "We ultimately felt the best decision for our players was to wait and delay the release of the class specialization update, which will allow us to include additional balance changes and adjustments made over the coming months when we release that content." Maybe just leave it at that and not complain?
  14. Ryu is back, Lyn wardens - next story?

    We'll get it most likely just because this is a Korean game and it is pretty popular over there (the lyns) which is why they get the warden as well. People said the same thing pretty much with the lyn getting gunner but it happened. I kinda wish they'd just get rid of the race locked classes and let you pick whatever you wanted / race to play. I mean who wouldn't want to see a Gon Male Summoner with a kitty?
  15. People afking Koldrak

    Yea but there are more times to do it then just once, personally I wouldn't mind seeing them remove the whole only set times, have it be able to be done at anytime of day however limit it so u can only get 1 chest per character, 2 scales per character (like it is currently) daily. You will of course still run into issues about afkers but this way your not pressed on time minus non game stuff and can run all of your characters through it daily if you choose.