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  1. Use of [censored] scripts for AFK fishing in B&S

    Ok, what if you could actually turn a profit depending on rewards they might offer in the future but still if they don't offer a afk feature then this whole argument about use of 3rd party programs to fish for you would be extremely valid due to the 'botting' nature of said script. I personally wish the system had were you couldn't afk it at all and actually had to 'fight' the fish in order to reel it in but that is just me.
  2. Fix BM spectral spec!

    Just going to say this while my pc is considered more low end (i3 8gb ram and 4gb vid) I don't have a drop while playing on my BM 3rd spec. Maybe it is just the settings you are using or something. Oh and full party raid or not I still get 15-20 fps, 35 when out of combat steady if that helps at all. Still manage to play it just fine holding threat off players who burst 2mil+ dps so *shrug*
  3. Use of [censored] scripts for AFK fishing in B&S

    Not entirely true that you wouldn't reach the required dps for a raid. For example while my ping is probably better then yours I can do with just a Raven 3 around 300k steady with just using simple mode. Might not be ideal rotation but it is more then enough (this is on my fire forcemaster by the way). Oh and to further help you understand that is with in combat fps of about 15-20 and normally 150 ping. More gear just increases the dps / better accessories would as well. Only raid that would require higher then 1 million dps would be the newest one which if you went in geared enough to not be considered a carry, you'd pull that without breaking a sweat using simple mode. Anyways, why don't we stick to the topic at hand which is about scripting fishing which is borderline botting regardless how people may want to try to defend it.
  4. Use of [censored] scripts for AFK fishing in B&S

    I'm not one to complain and which you know that and I have posted previously that if they actually enforced their own ToS a lot of players would be gone, which is why they should of enforced it since day 1. You want better ping? Get better internet and play on a region close to you. If no region is available? Deal with it or find another game. If you need to use a script to auto fish or auto anything other then combat? Just don't do it. Lets face it, if you fish for 1 day fully you are done with fishing with regards to this current event (you'll have more then enough points). The game runs just fine on any computer. While you might not get max frames or able to have it set on high settings it is still playable. I'm used to playing this on my office computer desktop with bare min. specs in order to play it and do just fine. If you don't meet the min. specs required then really you should be upgrading your computer and not relying on some program to let you play. Specs will increase slightly when we get UE4. All in all I stand by my earlier comment. If you have to bot / glitch something in order to do it/run it/obtain it then you probably shouldn't be doing the thing in the first place. Don't have time to fish? Then just don't bother doing it. @Fiana I'm sorry but your comment about you must use a macro in order to do the correct rotation..I play all classes just about and have yet to find one that I can't manual. Sure the timing might not be ideal but that is a whole another topic about damage per second and how after a certain point it just numbers to stroke one's ego.
  5. Use of [censored] scripts for AFK fishing in B&S

    Even based on the short amount of time, it is almost like you say sure bot because they gain nothing over you. Those that don't use the scripts need to be at their computer in order to gain it like @CrazyDude90 said. The players using the scripts can be sleeping while gaining it. See the issue? Also, for players like myself that do fishing on more then 1 character everyday those 30 mins adds up but at the same time I will truly be able to say I earned the title, achievements and points by my effort, not some program. Why don't we let people bot arena? Oh wait they eventually ban those players. @ElectricPotato If players have to resort to basically botting / scripting in order to do something then maybe they shouldn't be doing it. Much like I tell players about still bugging skybreak spire. If you have to bug or glitch something to get it done, maybe you shouldn't be doing it or go learn the mechanics.
  6. Use of [censored] scripts for AFK fishing in B&S

    I refuse to use it as well so your not by yourself. I personally feel if you have to automate something because you find it boring then you shouldn't be doing the thing in question in the first place let alone gain items in this case. It is on the verge of a form of botting. I mean really guys it isn't hard to do fishing in this game, it could be much worst where u have to use the arrow keys to actually fight the fish in order to reel in it like some games I've played in the past. Oh and for the haters 0 shits given ^_^v
  7. The area you need to go is literally behind the building. It isn't in the hideout.
  8. Fishing Guide

    Moor Fish- Dasari / Moon. Baby Bull Shark - Dasari Gardens. Clownfish - Dasari / Moon. Spotted Grouper Dasari / Moon. Black Catfish - Dasari. Blue Seerfish - Moon. Flounder - Dasari. Golden Seerfish - Moon. Blue Coelacanth - Moon. Goldgill - Moon. Marbled Coelacanth - Moon. Red Salmon - Moon. Golden Swordfish - Moon. Silver Catfish - Dasari. Gold Catfish - Dasari. Golden Bass - Dasari. Silver Tilefish - Dasari. Will update as I catch more.
  9. Fishing Guide

    Another thing to note you do not have to finish act 10 in order to fish. You just don't get the tutorial quest that gives you free bait. You do need to be level 60 though.
  10. erro

    Not really sure where or what your speaking about but going to assume being distracted by a character's skill in which case you could control + F and hide other players and their effects..less distraction.
  11. Adding event quest to daily challenges

    Didn't bother to check out as to why mechanics was added to this topic and by no means do I want a long winded reply. What @Grimoir said was pretty right on the money. If players do not want to take time out of their busy schedules to learn mechanics in order to get said gear / item / event currency...whatever the case is then they shouldn't get the gear. Since you like bringing in real life examples here is one. Bob for the sake of argument has no skills, no training but wants $20 a hour at this job, David however comes with skills and training and lands the job and makes $25 a hour. Should Bob of gotten the job over someone who put in the effort? Nope. As for the events in the daily challenge rotation. While it might help players who are limited on time complete not only their daily challenge but also the event itself, it shouldn't count towards it in my opinion. For the most part the events aren't much effort aside from examples like one might bring up the Ring of Reckoning Stage 4. One can always argue that if you had the gear even that wouldn't of equaled much of a challenge. So why add it to daily challenge when really it should be apart from the normal routine as most events in other games are?
  12. Gunwon Blade compared to Scaleburn blade

    No longer needed so throw it in your showroom or use it as a weapon skin. Also, something to take note. While you get a Scaleburn weapon now from the story..You can also go to Zaiwei, The merchant next to the achievement merchant (the dragon scale npc) sells the new DawnForge / RiftWalk chests which are not locked behind needing to complete a part of the story so, from now on unless it gets changed you can just go buy one at level 50 and use that (can't upgrade it of course til your able to run said dungeons or farm moon refuge at HM 13). It cost 5 Naryu Silver per box (buy til you get a 8 gem slot weapon).
  13. Please dont put MSP in future events

    I'm being very logical. This event especially unless your focusing on pet packs, vials or gems, the jewels are meant to get your alt characters / main higher up in the tiers which are not bound to account so if your alt characters can't use them or don't need them, you can afford to skip MSP in your example a few times depending on the amount of alt characters your thinking about running through. Some events are better then others to progress at a faster pace but at the same time if you have enough time to invest into your alt characters (if we're talking in terms of like myself 9 total) then you can / should also afford the time to invest in doing the said event of course if you truly want the items your working towards. Also, the main reason alt characters exist really isn't to progress faster but so you can play and enjoy the game as a different class. Learning each class will not only help you in PvP but also PvE as well so you can better help your party understand their roles (nicely which most seem to forget to be) not to mention yes progress faster but surely not the 'main reason'.
  14. Please dont put MSP in future events

    I can't speak for others but I mostly do stuff with my clan. I enjoy the events for the most part. Also, you only need to do 3 dailies especially on alt characters just to get it done and out of the way so, if you choose not to do MSP on all characters then so be it. Still doesn't mean they need to change events to suit only a handful of players that might not like it.
  15. Why are you guys adding stuff nobody wants...

    I like to collect things and you bet I'll be there fishing on my main everyday for at least the Networker outfit and the new pets. I have the other crafted head pieces already. Still though the list can always expand or change with future updates so I doubt it is set in stone. Outfits in the first post, I really don't pay attention to since I'm free to play so I only wear what I can from events / thread I save up so it is whatever, but I'm sure some people might want those outfits if they missed out on them.