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  1. Make earth summoner great again

    Its just part of the gearing process for being able to be the best as you can be at pvp. The cost isn't much really. Events for jewels (110), that way your only paying for breakthroughs and to use the jewels. At least you can get it w/o costing hellion cores unless you don't get it to drop. Gearing was never meant to be done overnight like most seem to think and want to be impatient. Take your time and do it at your own pace and you'll get there. Also to make sure to grind out Moon Refuge if you don't have a pvp soulshield yet for the Ivory set as it will also help you and its pretty cheap moonlight bud wise if you convert the normal chest you get 4 times daily.
  2. Make earth summoner great again

    Actually you would only need the badges for wind as elemental damage is worthless in pvp. You would be wearing the pvp ring/earring/neck/belt/gloves etc. So really the only thing you would be switching over to do pvp as wind is badges and spec/ enhancement points. rest of the gear is strictly pvp gear, then of course you would need the pvp soulshield. Also minus badges everything else could be used for earth summoner pvp as well if you wanted to switch back so what exactly is the problem?
  3. Freezing in dungeons

    Uncheck Camera shake when hit and reflex context guide in your settings. Thank me later.
  4. [Suggestion] Unity xp daily cap => weekly cap

    I can to be honest with you, while yes it takes a bit of time, some players can. Takes 3 quests for daily challenge (nothing says you have to do a purple train or hard stuff to finish it) and do that on roughly 9 characters and you have just reached the cap since you also get extra reputation from the quests and 22,000 from daily challenge. Even if they raise it to weekly, you will still fail to reach that amount as you lose access to being able to obtain the daily challenge 22,000 xp towards making you only able to obtain it once per character a week. If they made it weekly that is 1,540,000 xp you would need to gain over the course of the week unless the total was adjusted which ins't possible to reach cap with even if you played all day for a few days and had 11 characters. Either way you wouldn't reach cap. Don't play Korean games if you don't like grinds. Pretty simple.
  5. Yes but you see my point the service offered by ncsoft is the game itself as whole which is "free to play". You get what you pay for, sure could they do better always. And you will still have people paying regardless unless they make a lot of changes which drives the whales away or in some people I know that buy every new outfit released because that is how they whale out. Micro purchases is what keeps this game running to be honest so unless it stops completely yea they will keep the game going.
  6. Unity reputation limit per week not per day

    Ok but say you limit it to that weekly, you will still find people complaining because they are unable to reach the weekly cap and then what change it to a monthly cap? Fact is you can not please everyone and honestly if you can't play daily your progress will always be slower then someone who can, there is no changing that. Unless that person has 8-9 characters to run it all on, it would be near impossible to reach even the weekly cap for most just because most of us hit the cap by using the weekly / daily challenge reputation which is set at 22,000 xp. Edit: So even while they could set it to weekly, people who can't play everyday would be missing out on the daily challenge experience and only obtaining it for as your example 2 days and still be in roughly the same boat.
  7. While your right in some cases, the game is free and always has been so you pay for the service because you like what it gives you but in no way effects the game as most games with this free to play model make the most money off the RNG boxes and cosmetics. Instead of coming on here headhunting maybe offer better solutions..reasonable solutions instead of just the constant bashing. Also, no one tells you to buy those overpriced founder packs..
  8. Unity reputation limit per week not per day

    But then having it weekly punishes the people that can play daily? See what the guy was referring to when asking for changes since "he can't play daily to reach cap"? You have to play in order to make progress so why limit everyone in that manner. I missed a few daily challenges on a few alts and would of been at Unity 30, I'm currently at 28. I don't really see the issue since the rank itself only gives stats to characters on your account level 60.
  9. It means when you use the orb, it is your loot, if boss 1 requires no is free for all.
  10. Awakened Threat

    On my warden and blade master I use 25 points in threat for 600% base + the new skill and have no issues what so ever in holding threat for the entire fights. Sure, my DPS lacks a little bit, but the pride as a tank is to keep the boss on you no matter what so your party can do their roles/jobs and damage.
  11. How to Get to Moon Refuge?

    You get the quest for moon refuge in your quest letters, you then have to accept it and go speak to the npc (that gives the basin daily) then open up your map, solak region and windwalk to moon refuge. Quest > Taking Refuge
  12. [Suggestion] Unity xp daily cap => weekly cap

    While at the same time it is also a system for you to do as you do your normal routine. Nothing says you need to reach the cap daily. With that said I'm working on Unity Rank 28. More characters / time you have will allow you to reach cap every day but honestly seeing how the stones obtained only effect the character it is obtained on / used on, just play at your own pace and work on it.
  13. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    To be honest, I never understood why Heaven's Mandate was a daily dungeon locking you out much like Cold Storage. Sure they need to make money with the resets but if they removed white orbs / new orb, release the one run a day thing lower the new lesser demon spirit stones at the drop amount as well as remove the orb requirement from the 2nd boss in Cold Storage. You'd be able to run it as many times as you want that day while keeping oil in check and not locking anyone out of it due to no orb/reset required. That is just my way of thinking which honestly would of been smarter then offering any kind of exchange while maybe offering hongmoon coins for all of the old resets.
  14. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    People seem to overlook what I said. NCsoft/NCWEST is at fault due to not double checking everything before answering any questions. People make mistakes all the time, no one is perfect and if someone claims to be...they be bullshitting. In your case which is pretty much like mine. I didn't pay a dime for the resets I got and had well over 900 white orbs from doing pretty much the same thing you were, I'd at least run Cold Storage every day on my alt. characters just for the orb chance since once in awhile it was part of a event or gave event tokens so I basically saved them. While I understand you got a bit upset due to the change or the fact you didn't get anything from the items but a few copper, you had no investment into the said items other then making oils as you obtained it all for free. That is why while I might be upset about my lost as well, not enough to come on forums and more or less go head hunting like a lot of people are looking to do. And of course when people don't agree with others when they are in a bitching rant your more or less considered defending the action. Everyone lost items just keep that in mind.

    Actually no I'm not but thanks for thinking I am.