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  1. Soulstone Plains SERIOUS problem

    I still say that the whole faction system needs to be looked into to revamp it like they have been doing with certain dungeons / areas. Make it more relevant, boost the npc's health to counter the new amount of damage that most of us do today. As well as possibly removing the whole soulstone aspect from SSP. Lets face it, not only is it players but also those "gold sellers" that farm there as well which in turn make them money by selling soulstone that allow them to keep certain websites up and running for those dumb enough to buy gold from them. Also, for those that will or have said it is irrelevant content, you still need it for a few things aside from soulstone which we even had a chat about it on my discord. Still only way to obtain the highest faction rank without spending years grinding the faction quests, still the only viable source of mirage crystals for clan outfits (yes people including myself still do those) not to mention faction insignia to level up competitive clans (sure you can join a rank 15 clan but how do you think they hit rank 15? or gain less bonus via social clans).
  2. Marketplace Not Working Properly Again

    Actually you don't long as you make sure to have 'exact match" checked before doing search.
  3. Glided Square Diamond Pouch ( no information provided)

    Hmm, found this link with a quick search. Read a few post. We all get your logic but at the same time information is always out there as I'm sure this has been complained about before.
  4. Glided Square Diamond Pouch ( no information provided)

    No, my point was this just using google you could of found the required information to better help you understand about said item in less then 30 seconds depending on your internet or you could of asked in faction chat while many on the game will give you smartass replies, someone would of helped you understand more about that item. Also, there is plenty of guides about this game on youtube as well which explain most things. While the information could of been provided in-game on the item description which it isn't, one should refer to others for help. That wasn't a petty comeback but a way of making the point as you did with your bank interest rate comment.
  5. Glided Square Diamond Pouch ( no information provided)

    While it could of been labeled or added to the item information, it is also your fault for not doing some research. Do you play a game without reading any kind of guide or ask questions when you are unsure about something in life in general? No, you do research and learn before acting (considering you wanted to compare what I said to a real life thing).
  6. Glided Square Diamond Pouch ( no information provided)

    The craft is basically 50% on which one you will end up with while the diamond for defense can be useless, it does have it's fun moments at least for low level open world pvp.
  7. More SSP channels please

    Faction is a form of PvP but players themselves turned SSP into a joke of a place now treating it as PvE. You have plenty of other ways to get the materials. Trial Arena for one can net you about 500 or so soulstone (based on how many stages you can clear) each time there is a reset for it. You can gather the rest while slowly from running dungeons especially ones like Drowning Deeps over and over for the material chest. It isn't as fast as doing say Battlegrounds but still a source. A lot of you players seem to forget if your not willing to swipe a credit card sell that ncoin on exchange for gold, you actually need to grind for items. So things don't come very fast as a free player. I understand that and still continue to play as a free player.
  8. More SSP channels please

    Not entirely long ago as it was still a minor amount from the quest as I was playing and questing during that time which amounted to exactly 11 soulstone from doing the faction quests going from Wandering Hut > Misty Woods. Also, they could be removed all together from SSP and keep it for Arena and Battlegrounds. Besides even soulstone was reduced from SSP and I believe increased soulstone crystals if I'm not mistaken. Either way they need to make more adjustments, reduce channels so it is more pvp then pve oriented (pvp isn't a bunch of people standing around without faction outfits on and waiting for a boss to spawn).
  9. Hongmoon Gem Powder for 25 SOLAR?

    Basically you can either wait til it is reduced or just deal with it and move along. As you know price will more then likely be reduced. Let me ask you one thing however, once you get done making your Obsidian, what real use is Solar Energy other then either supply alt characters with soul badges, or blowing it on now Hongmoon Gem Powder, maybe the experience charms for alt characters. While I agree with most the price is high, it is still a source of Hongmoon Gem Powder that as free players lacked in regards to the update which removed a source. Now it isn't strictly a Trove item. Besides while it might not be ideal, go farm Moon Refuge. Get the Gilded Gems while they are RNG on which you might get. Farm the Murky Drake get some of them to cut cost on the powder you need so you can work on upgrading the BiS Gem types (I swear if you say but they aren't Dyad I will beat you lol) and go from there until a better source comes along.
  10. More SSP channels please

    Well they need to keep some source of mirage. Personally I think arena shouldn't be used for the material that can be traded. Which is why they removed soulstone below SSP and should just remove it completely from Faction. Fact is the whole system needs to be updated, mobs need to be raised to match today's current content (higher hp due to our damage raising even straight out of story). And a possible overhaul of the clan system on the competitive side. Even had a player tell me "how cute" it was that I was doing faction in order to level up my new clan. Guess he forgot it takes faction tokens *shrug*
  11. Hongmoon Gem Powder for 25 SOLAR?

    It is overpriced but still a source of Hongmoon Gem Powder. With that said you can bet that it will be lowered in the next update. Keep in mind you can also buy it from Merchant of Wonders, 5 Powder for 25 gold which is still kind of high IMO but a bit better. I still look at it like this while the cost is hilarious, players need to also keep in mind upgrading your gems is a one time thing so it should be a bit costly. (Again don't take anything I say out of context and act like I'm defending them as I do not agree on the price of them with solar energy). Still believe if they listened and ask players for possible suggestions and then go with a reasonable suggestion then the game as a whole would be better off. Example, remove Hexagonal Gems from solar energy, replace with Heptagonal for 8 solar energy. Allow Heptagonal to be salvage for 1 Hongmoon Gem Powder, everyone wins.
  12. More SSP channels please

    Personally, I say only have 1 channel. Faction was never meant to be a pve thing like most treat SSP. I know I might get a lot of flak from players about this suggestion but frankly, I don't care and I'm getting tired of a few things with faction and the whole system needs to change as a whole. No one really contest anything like SSP. Sure you have once in awhile some pvp but for the most part players will idle there til the boss spawns, you also have players that prestige steal while your trying to farm the NPC that spawn on each side of the field (I know get gud right?) that are in your own faction. One faction normally controls (afks in 1 channel) the other in the 2nd channel. Let us just have 1 channel. Also, they need to adjust the boss in SSP so it lives longer then a few seconds. Faction was meant for pvp, while many will argue about my suggestion and quote the experience about the old world boss in Misty Woods which I will admit I wasn't around for that. I also feel the quest giving NPC should be made so they can't be killed at all even though they respawn like every 60 seconds, you have a channel switch timer of 2 mins which allows people to kill the quest NPC hang around for a extra 60 seconds just to switch and kill the quest NPC on the other channel which can literally block people from doing the "dead content" as you guys refer to unless they are on the 2nd channel and grab quest quickly / wait to turn in when done. You can't kill certain NPC without the faction outfit, so you shouldn't be able to kill them with it (the quest givers mainly). Token farming / Prestige farming won't change much if at all (just a little slower) which could be adjusted to make the other NPC you would normally fight to spawn the bosses spawn faster.
  13. Okay, this... This isn't okay at all

    You basically ignored the whole post. What is the gear you currently wear in battlegrounds? If it isn't along the lines of Hellion pvp line stage 10, at min. ivory or nova soul shield for around 5-6k critical defense (or more) and at least Dragon forge weapon then you shouldn't be going there period. If your above that then maybe work on your pet more to help better protect you. I mentioned arena because battlegrounds is a pointless thing to do when your trying to compare yourself against the whales that basically run that content, then come on here and moan about how you just can't handle it all the while shouting to everyone pay to win pay to win. It gets old very fast. If you want pvp that is more your speed, do arena. Or just don't do pvp on this game, stick to pve and go play a game with better pvp for your bloodlust side.
  14. Okay, this... This isn't okay at all

    1 hit kill you say.. maybe in battleground where gear matters but I'd also like to see what your pvping with gear wise to see the true issue. As for arena though..I don't see this person 1 hit anyone. Take note also fighting KFM which is broken which I do agree on, and still wins. In any case it is also why there is no competition level pvp going on in the battlegrounds. But tell me I'm wrong that with each patch there isn't a flavor of the month class. Also, you like comparing a real life game for a computer game, while they are both games Chess would never offer that option just because it wouldn't prove anything. And I see by comparing the two, your running out of argument.
  15. Okay, this... This isn't okay at all

    I wouldn't really include accessories in your argument since if your doing battlegrounds you should at least have the new standard starter pvp set of the hellion accessories / with the bracelet from outlaw island at least, and tier 2 of 3 pvp weapon to stand a chance at min. And your example to this game have nothing to do with one another. Clearly you seem a bit triggered as needing to resort to using curse words in order to try to get your point across, go cool off then come back to reply. Also, Asteroid has a small cast time so if they don't CC you, which would basically be 2 hits in that example, you could oh I don't know, iframe?