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  1. New bracelet upgrade cost bug ????

    For update: They gave me and my friends back almost half the amount of jewels we used (i got 88 back). So if you are having the same issue with this, go ahead and ticket them.
  2. New bracelet upgrade cost bug ????

    They could just make solve this problem in a very simple way, by giving us back all the mats and golds so we could upgrade the bracelet again using around 120jewels. Let see what will they do with this issue.
  3. New bracelet upgrade cost bug ????

    @Grimoir from what you saw there, they replied a dude and said the cost is supposed to be 200+ jewels. So i'm not sure about this situation. Me and 4 other friends are waiting to see what they will say to our tickets. 2 of my friends actually used <130 jewels, they are trying to ticket to help me out with this issue. So yeh, hopefully we will get some good news cause if we don't, i'm gonna be honest this is bs.
  4. So last week on Saturday i upgraded my new Stormsiege bracelet from stage 1 to stage 10, and i had to use around 230 jewels to get it to stage 10. Today some of my friends who were waiting for the new patch got the bracelet and they only used 120-130 jewels to get the bracelet to stage 10. Even one of the youtuber Nerokoso, only used ~130 jewels to max out the new bracelet. I asked some people that upgraded it before this new patch and all of them also used 2000+jewels to go from stage 1-10. So did they reduce cost to upgrade this newest bracelet tier????? Funny thing is one of the guy ticketed the support team and they confirmed you will need around 200 jewels to max out the new bracelet. So what's up with people that used <150jewels today?? Is this a bug @Cyan @Hime ????
  5. So NcS decided to reduce the cost to get Unrefined bracelet from 24 fragments to 8. Before that they put that 24 in to force people to buy reset and pay their money into the game. Are they really this poor to do that ?? I know a lot of players that paid won't mind the change at all, they just want to make it fast by paying to get the resets . But i know alot of people are mad about this changed cause even though they will get back 16 fragments, all their efforts to get the bracelet fast are gone. Not to mention some people actually had to buy ncoin and did TOB on alts to get fast pet gems. And NcS will do nothing about this and pretend nothing happened. I think what they did is not right and damm this company is getting worst and worst. They are too poor now that they have to force players to purchase stuffs.
  6. @Cyan I would like to ask if Throne of Oblivion reset will be a thing on f10 for every week :-?.
  7. Thank you Cyan for working hard. Players will be quite happy on these changes :). Please keep in touch with the players just like this Cyan, it means alot to us.
  8. Dungeon Difficulty Update

    They woulda just lie to us and solve this issue by saying they made a mistake and forgot to put Easy/Normal/Hard mode like KR, instead they put Easy/Hard but it's actually Nor/Hard. and then solve this problem by simply put a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing Easy mode in and pretend that nothing happened I would take that, but in fact, they are stupid. They can't even think of how to save this game lmao
  9. Dungeon Difficulty Update

    I told you guys, the don't ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing play the game. Everything you guys put on here will be intended anyway lol. Just accept the fact that they won't make anything better. Even veteran players are calling out how bad is this patch and told everyone to quit. They just not gonna do anything. They are lazy, you guys think they will fix anything? Hell nah
  10. Dungeon Difficulty Update

    You guys shouldn't even bother comment on this issue anymore, they will just make some more excuses and ignore the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ out of you guys lmao. THey don't play the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing game, please understand that.
  11. Throne of Oblivion loot box.

    Rip then, i guess no new bracelet until November
  12. Some people told me Throne of Oblivion is supposed to drop a loot after we kill the boss and the loot might drop the unrefined bracelet. Is that true? I hope it's cause farming TOB for 3 months+ just to upgrade an item is just stupid.
  13. Shackled Isles is such a dead mode tbh. Me and 8 other friends (3pts already) were trying to get into the mode to play few games to have fun and we were only hoping for 3 more players to lfp. And we couldn't get any game in 3 days. Just remove that mode tbh.
  14. So Many Broken Promises, It's Time to Go

    I would be surprised if Cyan or any of them actually answer 1 of these posts. They think these are "negative" posts and we are all dickhead that they wouldn't even care about at all, and will act like what they did are all right. Anyway thank you for your post brother.
  15. Hongsil’s Summer Blast Patch Notes & Overview

    "The exchange of Legendary Soul Badges and Mystic Badges with Dragon Trader Junsorei is no longer available" So what is the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing reason behind this ???????? Didn't they say they want players to try out both specs for each class ?