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  1. I hope it will be 0 copper like you said. I don't mind doing Circle of sundering for the tokens but 100g for a switch is just mehh =.=. that would help players playing both spec of their class.
  2. To switch between Stage 10/Awakened Starbreaker Bracelet and Stage 10/Awakened Divinity Bracelet, beside the cost of 1 Unrefined Bracelet, do we have to pay 100g like before, or will it be 0 gold?
  3. I hope they will quickly realize how stupid this event is and nerf it before people start quitting the game. The longgui stage 4 can't even be killed with 1m sustain damage and the hard mode inferno is just a pain. All of my party members did over 1m2 damage and we barely cleared it. I don't know how will new players and low gear players will play in this event anymore. Also I know you guys are trying to push us to catch up with Korean, but at least make things doable. Play your ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing game, put you in the position of players in this game, and make it better.
  4. Will we get free 7 days premium like we did last trove? And also will the Unrefined Accessories from Nightfall Sanctuary be removed? Thank you.