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  1. Nobody : This is event is trash. Fortunaea: I'm happy with this event. ?????????????? Did you just came back from Mars or something ?
  2. So the community is toxic, yes. So they decided to kill the game more by making it even harder for even game players ??????? Good luck defending them buddy
  3. First thing you need to know, there is no way you could get enough materials to upgrade anything in this game lmao . They have been making things more and more expensive to make you pay money into the game. So good luck buddy, i'm sure you will find some other games better to play
  4. @Rysa yeah ikr, I'm trying to gear up an alt for 2nd Et raid and i feel *** expensive doing TT gear level, i wonder how the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ could new players survive tbh. A lot of people tried and left so quick after few weeks because they can't upgrade nothing. And these monkeys still saying that those re-balance cost "should help" new players to gear up faster. Suck your own words back and actually play the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ game and feel it themselves lmao.
  5. @Cyan Alright forget about that producer letter, can you tell the dev team to do something to help market price goes down ? Everything is expensive right now, i can't event gear up my alts pass TT level at all and i don't think new + low gear players are having fun time with this game at all. There is no way we could gear up without paying ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ tons of money and we are losing players. Tell them to do something brother.
  6. I'm just gonna leave it here. Nice job dev team, such a great even lol.
  7. Yeah lol idk why they don't make multi client and split people out so we can have fun. Even is all about fun and reward for players, but they made it garbage. I guess it is what it is, you can't expect anything good anymore, they have been putting out garbage stuffs since last year. And tbh, they don't play the game, you can tell by watching their live stream. Dude doesn't even know how to do combo. And since they don't actually play the game, they don't give a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ about us getting ripped off by their stupid ideas. Horrible events, bugs everywhere that haven't been fixed sin
  8. @Grimoir I don't think my friend shared it with anyone. Even if he did, the support team did not said someone provided them the account information and claim that it is their account at all. We tried to provide them and prove to them so many time. They just said the person said the character is his and boom the account is gone. Also banning someone who just paid almost 1k dollars 2 weeks before that is not right. They asked my friend to provide the information of the card that was used to purchase ncoin and he did successfully provide them everything, after that they should do something
  9. I'm posting this to let you guys know, be very careful with NcS, they are "stealing" people accounts. So a friend of mine got an email from them that said "Something suddenly happened and we need you to contact us as soon as possible". They banned my friend account before sending that email to him. Then they asked him to provide some information to prove that is his account. My friend gave them all the information and they said "They can't do anything, someone claim that your account is their account" and then they banned the account and stopped supporting or answering my friend. He tried his
  10. There is nothing wrong with him idiot. He is not the one who decides how many dailies quests do we have to do. And also if you can't do 4 dailies and keep on complaining then yeah uninstall kid.
  11. To be fair, they've never said it will be a "cost reduction". They said it's "cost re-balanced". That means it could be more expensive, and you shouldn't be surprised by how stupid these monkeys put pts into old heart stages upgrade. They h ave been doing that for everything they want to re-balanced. They know the game is dying so they are trying to milk the whales and make players slowly quit this game so they can close out the this ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤. And tbh i don't think these monkeys are smart enough to find away to help market prices go down. All they have done is making it worst. Just fin
  12. Grimor is actually right on this, bns is mmo, hours of farming for each piece is understandable. But again like i said, just wait till trove or they will put in into hm store or give us options to craft them. There will be other ways lol.
  13. There are people who did moon refuge for hours and got nothing lol. Just wait until next month they will put those items into trove bro, ez clap. These idiots are just trying to find a way to make us swipe our card.
  14. For update: They gave me and my friends back almost half the amount of jewels we used (i got 88 back). So if you are having the same issue with this, go ahead and ticket them.
  15. They could just make solve this problem in a very simple way, by giving us back all the mats and golds so we could upgrade the bracelet again using around 120jewels. Let see what will they do with this issue.
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