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  1. Show Off Your Warden

    Hi, I feel Annevly's Warden need some competition in beauty =) Hard to know if it is a Warden or not without the Great sword. So here is one with the Great sword. Bye bye!
  2. Advices before leaving the game

    Hi, I´m also playing a BM and after reaching lvl 55 and "end game" I was also interested in doing 6v6 pvp and all pvp this game had to offer. However after a short while I realised what an insane time or cost it would take to get the necessary gear in order to participate in 6v6 and a thought hit me, " what is the point in doing pvp where gear is the main factor of the outcome?". I came here for the skill and action part of the gameplay, if not for that I could play loong or wow or some more traditional mmorpg. So in the end I decided to only do arena pvp and the occasional event to collect some nice fashion! One strong point of this game is after all the art direction and graphics. And I really like my bm even though I get pommeled a lot XD. I even have been thinking of making a Blade master guild but I don´t have time for that. Anyway if you still like your bm find a way to enjoy playing it, avoid frustrating things. Hope to see you around!
  3. faction insignia help !!!!

    Hi, I think every area uses its own insignia. If they have diffrent names they are used for diffrent areas. There are easier soul shields to acquire. For example you will get a legendary one by just following the main story.
  4. Yura's letter?

    Hi! I did this quest quite recently and ran into the same problem. There is a letter but it´s not an item in your inventory. You have to expand the quest list to the right off your screen just under your mini map. There you will see the letter and you can click it in the list. From that list you can also finnish some quests without visiting the board or npc. Good luck!