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  1. Looking for people to play with~

    Hello! This is a sad time, but also a time to give it my best to look for people to play with. I'm at a point in this game where I'd rather farm dungeons / do dailies with friends, or a group of people i know then pugging alone all the time. Especially when trying to farm dungeons to obtain the newer tier of gears. I'd rather take turns then pay 2K+ gold. That gold can be used to upgrade the gear instead. I've had a group of people I done dailies with, and content but most moved onto other games, or stopped playing. About Me: I am pretty shy around new people; socially awkward. xD. I've had a rough life so my depression gets to me sometimes. But overall; i'm a pretty chill / kind dude. I am over 18+ so I do make jokes etc. I don't mind the type of people who'd like to take up the offer and do content with. You can make racist jokes as long as they remain just that. (Jokes) or shy / loud. As long as you're respectful to the very end and don't create unnecessary drama. I do prefer anyone who is from NA to be willing to play / do content with. Mainly due to ping. I'd rather not wipe over ping issues or anything. But this game is pretty horrible as it is with that, so as long as its not that bad idm. I only speak English, but I don't mind if anyone doesn't speak it well. As long as you *understand and willing to type or try your best to let us know then it's all good. I DO NOT care about your GEAR. You can be a whale, or a fresh start/still catching up. AS long as you are willing to stick with doing content with us and willing to gear up and learn mechanics "if needed". I have no problem helping people catch up in gear as long as you are willing to gear up. You can be a god in gear, but if your looking to play with and do content with. Then you're welcome too come too! Anyways. Here is a discord link to a server I have: or add me: Evii#5465 You can also just send me a message on here. Scuffed post, but hope to meet some people and play with you. >> My timezone is PST. If needed to know.
  2. [LF> Fellow Yura Friends]

    (not sure if this is the right place, says recruiting for clans/meet fellow players. So I assume this is a good place) However, to start I been thinking about getting back into the game. Perhaps not as hardcore (until UE4) but I do want to try playing casually again. I hope this thread reaches some people and if anyone is interested to invite me I'd definitely be down to join up. It also doesn't matter if you're low level/or geared or a whale. I don't mind helping in dungeons etc etc. I speak only English and I reside in the United States if that also helps. Add my discord: Evii#5465 or message on me on here. But I do prefer discord/or teamspeak. Thanks~~
  3. [LF> Fellow Yura Friends]

    Update: Thank you for all those who added me to play with and I very much appreciate it and hope to get to know you guys more over-time. For those who still searching, I am still open to anyone adding me if you wish to party up and perhaps even befriend each other. ~ If interested, I have made a discord for all of us to meet and make it easier to organize. This discord server isn't a hard-core community server, just a small place to perhaps meet new players who might also be looking for people to play with. Discord: Also, for anyone wanting to purchase an amazing Chibi art Jaz has a store open if anyone is wanting to get. You can find her store/forum post on Reddit;
  4. (archive)

    A friend and I started playing BnS, and is interested in a guild to help us out in later content if you are okay with accepting us. We're currently going through Main Story, and are hoping to reach a point in the game where we can start raiding, and doing end-game content to gear up. We both are active and online each day to progress through the story. Hope you are interested, and if so hope to hear back from you :")