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  1. Destroyer Legendary Soul Badges

    I have 125 solar energy and now comes the moment of truth. I want to buy a badge that I can fuse later, but I have no clue what legendary badge is best for PvE. Currently I am an earth destroyer (and have skyrift mystic badge), but I heard that shadow does more damage now (until super end-game) which makes me want to consider switching. I just got another 8g of RAM, so animation cancel isn't an issue either way. Before anyone says it, no I don't want to switch to a higher damage class cause I don't want to relearn a class (besides my destro is really fun to play), but I do want to maximize the damage on my destroyer. I looked through BnS tree and Ancestral looks pretty awesome, but I might be missing something. Questions: So does shadow really do that much more damage in PvE? If so, what legendary soul badge gives the highest DPS for shadow? If not, what legendary soul badge gives the highest DPS for earth?
  2. Server Crash Broke my Game?

    Hello, Yesterday I was going through realmrift with my clan and my game was running smoothly, but then there was a server crash. Everyone in the dungeon froze, but we were still able to chat for a minute or two before everyone's game crashed. When I went to reopen the game, it loaded extremely slowly, but I eventually got back in to join everyone else for a new realmrift run. I began lagging horribly and my game crashed again after we began the next boss fight. I tried restarting my computer, running the repair tool, and setting my graphics all down to minimum but nothing seems to have put a dent in the lag at all. Nobody else in the party had the same issues (except for the initial crash). I am stumped as to what could be causing this because my computer had been able to handle the game on fairly high graphics without any issues. (Right up until that server crash) Any advice would be much appreciated. Here are my computer specs: Processor: AMD FX(tm)-6300 Six-Core, 3.5GHz Ram: 8GB OS: 64 bit, Windows 10 Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 DirectX 12