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  1. Hey guys I got my fire bm to around 1125 AP, which is more than the 1.1k most dungeon players request. But I still don't seem to get enough dps while attacking bosses. At the start of my rotation it can reach slightly more than 100k with tiger effect and HM skills and dragontongue but then it remains very low (not more than 50k) and I only get to deal about 4% of the total boss's health (final boss of SSM for example). I thought it would be much higher by now? Is it something I should take care of with my gear? I'm also on dawn 6 now which Is not that bad I guess. If there's somethingI'm
  2. Alright then, would it better to go bale 12 -> dawn 3 to 9 -> raven 9?
  3. Is it really worth it transmuting special xp charms into these? or is it just a waste of materials?
  4. Hi guys I just got my bale sword to stage 10 and i was wondering which path is better to get to raven 3: bale 10 -> raven 1 -> raven 3 or bale 10 -> bale 12 -> raven 3 As for my information, both paths cost almost the same but I'm still confused which one is quicker and cheaper any help would be appreciated, thanks
  5. That is true, it worked perfectly for me with Microsoft Edge. After waiting about 30 mins on Chrome watching that circle go round next to the Register Now button, I finally got it to work!
  6. I'm really grateful for you! This is very helpful and helped me put a plan for what I'm going to do next in the game. My goal now is to get the mystic badge from celestial basin, then try and get the hexagonal gems. However, I still don't have much experience with how the celestial basin works. For now, I'm doing quests, but what about boss farming? Is it more benefitful? Thanks again for all your help :)
  7. Alright, so it seems dungeons are the main part to start end-game with However, all heroic dungeons are pretty hard and people always ask for high AP in parties. Are there any easy dungeons I can solo? Or at least ones with weak bosses, so I can get some gears from it?
  8. I've recently finished the story line and got all the stuff, upgraded my baleful to stage 4 and got all solak accessory. However, they can't be evolved. My questions are, 1- What are the accessories I need for an end-game character and where can I find them? 2- How do I get upgrade items for my weapon (sword) and stuff like soul / soul shield 3- How do I get more gems for transmutation? I know my questions are kinda noob, I just don't have much time to play and most of the time I play I grind and don't hang around with NPCs and people. Any other advice about u
  9. Okay so at one point the purple quests became bugged and I abandoned it. Now I need the wall dash skill for main story but I haven't learned it yet. And I can't find purple letters or NPCs with a purple mark again. Can someone help with how I can retake them? Thanks in advance
  10. May I ask where the npc exactly is? I only found one named Wanderer Hermit but he makes nothing when I talk with him
  11. Hello guys For some reason the game isn't running well for me. I played fine until two days ago (after the maintenance). Now, I always get one of these errors: -When starting the launcher, I get some update error (E02009 or E01005). -When logging in, I get login error (42) -After the launcher starts and looks for updates, I get the same error of the first case. -After the game launches and I enter my pin, clicking "Start Game" will show another error "Unable to connect to server. Please try again later." It got me sick having to launch the gam
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