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  1. You need to w8 for Naryu Sanctum remake to come out, then they will be removing few hardmodes and u can farm some outfits in easy mode.. i think that WC, BC and DST will get removed? Not 100% sure... and it should come along with new class on septembe update
  2. I need to agree, for example most wanted hairs - Yura Hairs would be rly beautiful and i think a lot of people would buy them, nut there are also a looot of others cosmetics and weapon skins, and i haven't seen outfits in f10 special's for looong time
  3. Hello to everyone, i dont know if anyone will be reading this from stuff, but i give it a try since we should be posting feedbacks on forum so staff can collect them. There are 2 factions, could be done some kind of "ALL CHAT" ? where both factions would see what people write there -> would be easier to sell stuff, find parties and etc. since playerbase is divided in 2 factions. I gave my try... Wish a nice day to everyone! PS: Don't forget to smile and spread love.
  4. They are w8ing for korea to send what was even fixed in files they sended :D
  5. I dont know if anyone already wrote about this, but on marketplace, not even single item show "sell history graph", so we can check where was price week ago, how many were sold and etc.. its just empty... please fix.. its already going on for weeks.. (on most items is written "last updated - 2019.11.08)
  6. it was Sunfire Chest, sorry :x got still 2 of them
  7. isnt mirrage in costume box for event currency right now?
  8. Last week i got about 1500 ss/sacreds... this week, where i focused more about speed run and i did like 100x times more dungs in cat 2 then last week and i got only 90 ss/sacreds ... wut is that... more you run = less you get? ..
  9. So people farmed moonstone and elysians, have tooons of them... and now you changed it so we cant get it? Are you serious? So, people that focused on soulstones and sacreds(like me) cant get moonstones and elys anymore(i dont count hard mode), and people that focused on moonstones and elys before now can get also other 2 materials, soulstones and sacreds, so in the end they will have ALL 4 mats, and we will have only 2 mats.. WOW! GREAT! //ps: yeah i know you can get still ms and elys from HM, but who do HM in f8? i see like 2 hms per day
  10. Solved chat settings -> Show my language only if u have eng client and someone have GER client u wont see his msgs
  11. Okey, so as i start.. uhmmm.. happened to me many times, yet i am trying to find help here.. i hear whisp sound.. so i look in chat and there is nothing... then i pressed P -> character info and there i saw that person is whispering me.. still dont see his whispers... luckily he was standing next to me, so i told him my problem, yet i even didnt saw his chat in all chat, neither in party.. it was like.. hey, if ur writing tripple jump and he did, so i knew that for some reasons i dont see that persons chat.. happened to me more times before.. and no, i dont have anyone blocked
  12. So finally... my wish was fullfilled! THANK YOU!
  13. Oh yeah! and people laughted at me that its not how it works! and look.. hustler outfit is here! I dont know if its Their doing or it was planned as Kezzie told, but for me its great news and i HOPE they gave hustler outfit because i asked for it nicely, because if its true, then it give hope for other ppl to get their outfits too, for me as i said i wish that hustler outfit is here because i asked for it, in that case i wish to other ppl to get their lovely outfits too.. it would be great of this is really how it could work.. i love NCSOFT, i love the person who gave hustler outfit in f10! bi
  14. Didnt knew, thank you! but now.. you are the one who have pic with name :X
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