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  1. Suggestion for next outift

    So finally... my wish was fullfilled! THANK YOU!
  2. Suggestion for next outift

    Oh yeah! and people laughted at me that its not how it works! and look.. hustler outfit is here! I dont know if its Their doing or it was planned as Kezzie told, but for me its great news and i HOPE they gave hustler outfit because i asked for it nicely, because if its true, then it give hope for other ppl to get their outfits too, for me as i said i wish that hustler outfit is here because i asked for it, in that case i wish to other ppl to get their lovely outfits too.. it would be great of this is really how it could work.. i love NCSOFT, i love the person who gave hustler outfit in f10! big love from me <3 Kezzie - to be honest, i dont think that troove skins/outfits can be in f10 :/ but i wish you good luck with your outfits man! (if you are girl then i am sorry :D )
  3. Suggestion for next outift

    Didnt knew, thank you! but now.. you are the one who have pic with name :X
  4. Suggestion for next outift

    I wrote ticket to support about outfits and they told me that i have to make topic on forum..
  5. Suggestion for next outift

    Hello, so i wrote a ticket and they told me to write suggestion on forum, so here i am.. i would like to give suggetion for next outfit in F10 if possible :P And it would be Hustler Outfit with all adorments :3 Its really beautiful outfit (for me) and i know a lot of ppl that would like to buy it together with me :-O
  6. Minor annoyances that never get fixed

    F2 GUNNER! :D
  7. 6vs6 MATCHMAKING?!

    Okey, i finally had enough with this matchmaking... Can you finally Edit it so it would work as it should? Give gear score or something! not that one team have galaxy, raven, bale, seraph... and other team have Dragon Forge 1, 3, 6, 7, 9 and 9. And yes, this matchmaking happened to me, i was only one with asce(7) in my team) and this didnt happened only once, it happen all the time.. well mostly.. and i think other ppl will aggre with me that you need to change this matchmaking! honestly low gear vs end gear is bullsh*t
  8. DD and HH requirements change!!!!

    i was just wondering that you got inside and you started to yell at me and... soo salty xD calm down and get a life :D and yeah LPF... thats when someone leave dung and they wanna try luck to recruit some strong palyer, but instead low gear like you join so they finish it with you anyway xD and yeah, when i was lvling up my char, nobody ever took me in hard dungs, so why should i take others, when everyone was shi**ing on me, so why should i be different... be a good nowdays is failure.. thats end.. dont comment anymore and focus on your problem.. gl with answer from ncsoft(you wont get any, you should know that because they simply doesnt care) cheers
  9. Just to inform you what i know.. member of clan farmed bosses for 1 hour and 30 mins +- and got 26 thriller coins .... well if you count and do some maths, then.. for the whole event you can get max 3x oil (50x killer coin each) .. killer coins you get for dailys, so for the event you can farm max around 150 killer coins, thats 3 oils... but.. next thing you need are thriller coins... with math before (1:30 hour to make 16 thriller coins) .. and for 3x oil you need 405 thrillers(135 each).. thats UNBELEIVABLE (aprox 3,5 mins to farm 1 thriller coin) .. so you need to farm zaiwei ruins for around 23 hours in totall so you have thriller coins to buy 3x oil at the end of event.. isnt that beautiful? ... R. I . P. EVENT
  10. DD and HH requirements change!!!!

    DD and HH with dawn 1? .. I wonder you ever got inside before.. no way that someone took you inside lol(if that wasnt carry)
  11. Gunner f2 still bugged

    Wanna F2 gunner fix? try write a letter to Santa(or whoever is in your country, but definetly not NCsoft), maybe you will get that fix as christmass present :D
  12. GUNNER F2!

    Really... another maintenance(i think already fourth?) and F2 gunner soulshield bug is still here... When do you plan to fix it? its already one month since it appeared!
  13. WTB f2 pic with my char :3

    So as title say, i am looking for someone who could somehow edit my character so it would lookd nice or badass and i could use it as f2 pic :3 .. more info on discord - Sirilionwe#2926 server: eu - jinsoyun (but there is always way to pay to different server :P ) //edit: i am not interested anymore since people want huuuge amount of gold, like 4k gold for ugly pics that can make 5 years old girl in painting