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  1. Yes, you can block turning leaf, if you dont have a 360 degree block you do have to look at the sin
  2. So your saying that no simple mode is good and no good player should use it eh? It depends on the class in the first place you mention parses like that actually determines skill it doesnt because its not a real battle scenario its just an approximation of the damage you can do on your own. Classes where simple mode it good follow that classes rotation almost perfectly for example dark assassin has the perfect rotation same we would use in parses and because you need to see parses apparently here ya go
  3. Just to let you know if your heart grabbed twice you get insta killed just iframe it
  4. You are aware that that is only on f12 tests right? Just because in f12 that you get a higher dps doenst mean its better consistency wise because lightning sin needs stealth all shadow sin needs is rmb and f which depending on the boss means they get a higher consistency
  5. What if for one of each items dropped from the final Boss of Raids for example RK Energy, Animus, and Ferocity you could transmute it into A RK pet same with Barb, Rancor, And husk to get a HQ pet it would give a cool reward to people who bothered to collect all 3 or won rolls for them plus it would be a really cool way to show you collected them all and have progressed to a certain level in the game
  6. As I have VT 3 piece I noticed around after the fire and blood update a slight nerf when i looked at my soul shield it showed that VT 3 piece had the exact same buff at BT 8 piece we were nerfed by 5% and the only new thing they added is a 15% buff to poison breath/choke bomb/venom swarm damage for VT 8 set. As I play lightning sin and use Choke bomb this is utterly worthless as mine crits 10k this is only a buff to shadow sins as they actually get elemental stacks on breath meanwhile Lightning is being nerfed this makes no sense as I see many higher level assassins being shadow not lightning
  7. This dungeon is not that hard as so many people say it is the most bugged part of the vents is the beeping stopping if you get too close to a lever, but it is not impossible if you actually are doing the mechs like ccing pohran when she knocks the tank into the air there is a very large chance they will die if you dont cc her if you have even a slightly coordinated party and someone who can time the lever right its super easy with a sb, blue buff, and even easier if the blue buff is a sin whose doubletime does a crap ton of damage that is if you have a destroyer or bd for a pickup
  8. I have been thinking the same thing as Jin's have sin, Gon has Destroyers, and Lyn has Summoners from what we have seen in the game for next class I would predict a spear class as we have Yunsang and many mobs/soldiers in the game who have spears and animations i feel if this is the next class Yun exclusive wouldn't be that odd judging from their tall and long stature
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