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  1. Hey there... So i received emails about successful purchase ,about 30 minutes ago and i still have no premium account How long it takes ,until it is applied ? 1st email Thank you for your purchase from the NCSOFT Store 2nd email [NCSOFT] Your subscription has been activated 3rd email [NCSOFT] Your subscription has been canceled 4th email Your order fulfillment is complete they have been received between 20 seconds or so is this normal ?
  2. Thanks for all the replies :) I don't do any kind of PvP ,I have retarded eyes and my sight is getting worse and worse... so no pVp for me I already Purchased 800 Ncoins ,so cannot spend more 5$
  3. I guess this is the wrong section to post this. the right section only has 1 server (Europe) in English I guess i will have to delete my 2 Character 28 and 30+ lvl and make a character on Jinsoyun Just checked character transfer page... 1200 Ncoin to transfer 1 character ,really bad joke
  4. Trove ? Would be nice if you could tell me what those Moonstones and sacred orbs do
  5. Hey there As the title of the thread says ,on what I should use 800 Ncoins ?
  6. Hello I'm looking for a social clan that uses English to communicate. I am in a clan for almost 7 years but none of my clan members play this game so I can join a social clan. So as I typed above I'm looking for an English speaking/typing Social Clan I hope this is the right forum section.
  7. hmm Never mind this game is not good for my retarded eyes ,had to click on that small icon to expand the quest list and then on the paper...
  8. seems like same thing ,never ending loop of "you have received a letter..." i open the letter and i cannot do anything .I can only click cancel ,Double clicking ,triple clicking ,right clicking ,holding alt while doing the previous one I said ...
  9. Deleted Azumarya ... lost rewards from Daily dash Doing the same class again ,If this happens again i will just delete the game .__.
  10. Hello I came back to the game today ,after some time... and i saw that I had no Characters ,so i checked NA and EU server and still nothing ... Anyway its not about that ,So i finished the dummy training and i received a letter and nothing i can do with the letter ,Base ,2 items are shown and Select are none ,i cannot select anything ,cannot Confirm ,only cancel and then we are back to "you have received a letter " voice from the master
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