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  1. Can A Lyn go solo?

    k thx youve answered my topic completely
  2. Can A Lyn go solo?

    so stick with him at times?
  3. Can A Lyn go solo?

    thx.. this helps me out a lot
  4. Can A Lyn go solo?

    ive been playing for quite the while now and my lyn is a lvl 15 i wanna know if i can go solo yet???? i dont know if i am strong enought to go by myself i also have my friend who is a fighter class human to help me but somedays hes not online... plz help i dont know and i really wanna play solo if i a am able to.... i prefer to have responses from people with experience...
  5. Most enjoyable lyn class?

    Well Personally i prefer to choose bd lyn bc of the fact its straightt up fun right from the getgo i dont suggest going alone however as it is the beginning and your farly weak if you do the side quests you will get stronger but this applies with all classes and you probs alreaqdy know that the best part is being tiny ,cute and having a tail! well btw i really do suggest bd lyn and im glad i could help :D