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  1. #MakeHiveQueen'sWingsGreatAgain

    Yeah with the addition of Nightfall Sanctuary they definitely should've made our lives easier by making the wings/hearts account bound. Would help gear members to get them up to standard for upcoming raids/dungeons too.
  2. Yeah I agree. Even though it might be the best necklace for the foreseeable future, just having it reduced to 3 PTS per stage already saves us quite a bit of gold. Of course they shouldn't nerf it to the point that it's too easy to upgrade, but there should just be a slight adjustment considering nearly everything else has had cost reductions. Lowering the PTS to 3 and perhaps the moonstones to 300 seems more than reasonable.
  3. Shock Caller Weapons

    Hi, I'm just wondering when the last time was that the Shock Caller Weapons were available to be obtained? And hopefully it'll be added in the near future.
  4. Accessory Exchange

    I was just wondering whether there are any upcoming plans or changes, or perhaps implemented changes in the KR version that allows us to exchange/convert our existing elemental accessories to the other element similarly to how bracelets and souls can be converted? Just maxing BT accessories which isn't BiS anymore, can take up to 4-5k gold if I'm not mistaken, so it'd be a huge QoL upgrade.
  5. Title sums it up pretty well. Contact me in-game or here. IGN: Synaeste Server: Jinsoyun